Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grades...We Need No Stinkin' Grades

My New Spread the Wealth Grading Policy

Mike S. Adams

Monday, January 26, 2009

Good afternoon students! I’m writing you this email to announce that I’m making some changes in the grading policies I announced two weeks ago when I sent an email with an attached course syllabus. As you know, we now have a new president and I thought it would be nice to align our class policies with some of the policies he will be implementing over the next four years. These will be changes you can believe in and, I hope, changes that will inspire hope, which is our most important American value.

Previously, I announced that I would use a ten-point grading scale, which means that 90% of 100 is an “A,” 80% is a “B,” 70% is a “C,” and 60% is enough for a passing grade of “D.” I also announced that I will refrain from using a “plus/minus” system – even though the faculty handbook gives me that option.

The new policy I am announcing today is that those who score above 90 on the first exam will have points deducted and given to students at the bottom of the grade distribution. For example, if a student gets a 99, I will then deduct nine points and give them to the person with the lowest grade. If a person scores 95 I will then deduct five points and give them to the person with the second lowest grade. If someone scores 93 I will then deduct three points and give them to the next lowest person. And so on.

My point, rather obviously, is that any points above 90 are really not needed since you have an “A” regardless of whether you score 90 or 99. Nor am I convinced that you need to “save” those points for a rainy day. Those who are failing, however, need the points – not unlike the failing banks and automakers that need money to avoid the danger of bankruptcy.

After our second examination, I intend to take a more complex approach to the practice of grade redistribution. I will not be looking at your second test scores but, instead, at the average of your first two test scores. In the process, I may well decide to start taking some points from students in the “B” range. For example, if someone has an average of 85 after two tests I may take a few points and give them away to someone who is failing or who is in danger of failing. I think this is fair because the person with an 85 average is probably unlikely to climb up to an “A” or fall down to a “C.” I may be wrong in some individual cases but, of course, my principal concern is not the individual.

By the end of the semester I will abandon any formal guidelines and just redistribute points in a way that seems just, or fair, to me. I will not rely upon any standards other than my very strong and passionate feelings concerning social justice. In the process, I will not merely seek to eliminate inequality. I will also seek to eliminate the possibility of failure.

I know some are concerned that my system may impact their lives in a very profound way. Grade redistribution will undoubtedly cause some grade point average redistribution. And this, in turn, will mean that some people will not get into the law school or medical school of their choice. Or maybe some day you will be represented by a lawyer – or operated on by a doctor – who is not of the highest quality.

These are all, of course, legitimate long-term concerns. But I believe we need to remain focused on the short term. I think my new system will immediately help the self-esteem of those failing or in danger of failing. It should also help the self-esteem of those who are not in danger of failing. After all, it just feels good to give – even if the giving is compelled and not really “giving” in the literal sense.

Finally, I want to note that this idea was also inspired by a former presidential candidate named George McGovern. In a debate with the late William F. Buckley, McGovern said that people who earn more money should pay more taxes. Buckley replied that the rich do pay more in taxes – and more as a percentage of their income. McGovern looked confused.

But I don’t think there’s anything confusing about our pending social responsibilities. Whether we are talking about income or grades it does not matter how much or what percentage we are giving. The question is and should always be “Can we give more?”

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You Can't Make this Shit Up

Blowfish testicles poison 7 diners in Japan

The moneyshot...errrrr money quote:
"It's scary. If you go to a decent-looking restaurant that serves fugu, you would assume a cook has a proper fugu license," Iwase said, using the Japanese term for blowfish."

This one goes under: Flucking Unbelievable!
A service call leads to power struggle

Found this one in the DUH Section:
When CTA driver runs light, you pay

This is really Flucked Up!!!
True story: The Caylee Marie Anthony tribute doll

Beefs aplenty after S'ville buffet runs out of steaks

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Burn Notice

Season 2 premieres tonight!

Great show with an awesome cast. Sharon Gless plays the mom and nails it to a tee. Jeffrey Donovan does a spectacular job portraying his seemingly innocent looking character as a bad ass in sheep clothing. Yes its purely fictional but did I mention Gabrielle Anwar? She is definitely a shoot first and asks questions later kind of gal. Her fearless nature is both enticing and dangerous, as she is capable of making things go "boom" very quickly. She is smokin' hot!

Did I mention Gabrielle Anwar is smokin' hot? And she knows how to handle a weapon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Caption It!


Leave your captions in the comments.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Life has taken my abilities to write, let alone find the time. It's funny life takes twists and turns along a never-ending journey. One day your so freaking bored you could write novels and the next you have little time to yourself. And when I did find time to myself this weekend, I was too exhausted to pen intelligent posts(s).

What is Dazd doing:
1. Well hopefully you all tuned in to listen to my new DJ slot.
2. Managing 3 bands is very time consuming, even making the shows and not practices.
3. Did I mention I have a wife and son...least I think they still reside with me. Not seen them most of the weekend.
4. OMG...has it been cold! Add to that I have no heat in my car only makes it adventurous. Yea...2000 Ford Taurus, you mechanics know the $$$ involved there.
5. Plus doing the occasional paranormal investigation.

Now I do enjoy reading all the blogs listed and those saved in my bookmarks waiting PATIENTLY for Blogroll to fix itself. If'n you check here daily looking for material and leave disappointed of the lack thereof, I invite you to read those on my blogroll.

Some examples:

Rex is detailing his hunting experiences at The Christmas Place

Dawn is collecting frogs and kissing them. I have no idea why but I thought frogs hibernated. Please someone check on her and make sure they are indeed Frogs!!! Maybe Freddie should assist with verification.

DNR has some thought provoking "issues". Yes, I said issues...still not sure if that last post was drunk blogging or not.

Dragon Lady is now a Dragon Granny! Send her snow...she needs snow to cheer her up!

Meleah is in love....

The Brilliant Brunette hasn't posted in awhile. Go fill her comments section please. That'll teach her to abandon us bloggers!

And while your at it, go visit the Brilliant Brunette's mom and fill her comments too. She loves the comments!

She's always complaining about the lows being 40. 40 would be awesome about now!

Ok...head on over to everyone in my blogroll. If you like them, leave a comment and let them know I sent you. Until my next attempt at posting feel free to view the archives!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dazd at Night

Join me every Thursday night at 8 pm EST for Dazed at Night, Brilliant Insanity with a dash of Confusion.

I will be playing Indie music, mostly rock, along with mainstream songs. As my Indie library expands I hope to go all Indie. You can find my show here: Log in Here You can listen to the show, register a login and password and join me in the chatroom. As always, I will strive to bring you the very best in music and humor.

Shelly Ryan will be providing her comedy love with Seriously Weird News each week. Shelly is an aspiring comedienne and hails from Atlanta.

If you'd just like to listen in and not chat, you can find the show here: Tune in Hear

If I messed this up, I apologize. Email me and I'll get you the correct info!



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Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Rants

Eye on the UN

Sea Ice same as 1979
Global Warming? It's a farce! While I agree that humans are part of the problem, the extent to which its used by media and greedy sum bitches is staggering. If there's global warming why is it forecasted got -10 below zero here Friday?!?!?! Al Gore can suck a yellow sno-cone.

Beating a dead Horse

From the WTF Files Where is the Sugar Momma's post? EOE works both ways ya know. I happen to know a family of 3 that would be willing for an adoption.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Porn Industry needs Viagra

Porn Industry Seeks Bailout

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis have teamed up to ask Congress for a bailout. Sources close to the industry say the economic downturn has left sales limp. All other efforts to fluff the ailing industry have failed.

The Hill is all a buzz with talks of a huge cluster fluck. Normally, this wouldn't raise an eyebrow. However, Hummers and necklaces of pearls will not have the same meaning. Pork barrel spending will also spin into a new definition. Golden parachutes will also be replaced but I'm not going there. I do have my limits!

So beware when traveling The Hill and be wary of people named Johnson.

Editor Note: This is purely sarcastic and developed for humorous intent.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wild Wednesday

Go read it now...go ahead, its very well written and thought provoking.

Groups like CAIR and the ACLU are the forerunners and harbingers of jihad from within, and any red-blooded American who doesn't believe that this nation is following in the dangerous and self-destructive footsteps of Old Europe is either too involved with American Idol and the NFL playoffs or is willfully and knowingly sticking their head in the sand in the hopes that everything will eventually go away and we'll be back to tiptoeing through tulips and singing heartwarming John Lennon tunes.

I'm here to tell you that it will not. It will not. Not unless we somehow wake up and smell the jihad.

Everyday Americans, people of all ages and all political affiliations, seem to get this sense that the great experiment which is the United States of America--if not Western civilization as a whole--is somehow infallible, is somehow immune to the adverse consequences of apathy met with evil. It is not. Every great civilization has had its rise and its fall, and there is no reason whatsoever to believe that we somehow cannot share the same fate as the Mayans, as the Prussians, the Egyptians, the Carthaginians or the Romans.

We are marching ourselves, blindfolded by political correctness, right toward our own destruction. Our need to be careful, our obligation to be vigilant, our struggle to be unafraid is damaged and hindered by apologies and arbitration awards, and I fear that unless we wake up, we'll be handing over our own severed infidel heads before you know it.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Something Cool

Some cool pictures I found while browsing the Internet over the holidays. Forgot to bookmark the site and name the pics. (Hey, no one ever said I was brilliant)

There's going to be some changes to the blog material here at Dazd Central. I'm looking for a new page design to incorporate. I'm also going to be posting more informative pieces surrounding the world current affairs, as I see them. I hope to blog more than once every 5 days. As always, I find everyone else has way cooler posts and more to talk about than me. But I am opinionated so that'll become more apparent as the year progresses. I've kept myself quiet for too long.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays!