Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Finding a New Job Frustrations

I admit it's been a few years and things sure have changed regarding the job market.  A résumé is a résumé and that is now the front line of observation.  Long gone are the days of a "real live human being" reviewing your application.  For that matter, entering the potential new employers facility and filling out an application "in person".  Ok, I admit it's not been THAT long since I've filled out applications.  One can always dream of days gone by.

My huge frustration is getting back into the engineering field and supporting positions.  The only replies I receive lately are manufacturing based which has been my employment for the last 4 years.  My dilemma is how to get the résumé noticed for previous experiences related to the engineering field without deleting the previous work experience.  To me, deleting the manufacturing experience would be lying and I would still have to explain the 4 year gap in employment.  So it's a dilemma that's not easily resolved, so far in my research.

And when did potential employers stop sending the rejection letters?  It is very frustrating to see a job you applied for 30 days ago reappear!  It would be annoying to me, as an employer, to have the same person applying multiple times when they clearly weren't qualified the first time around.  With today's technology, a rejection template is simple, takes mere seconds to send and gets those pesky candidates off your back. want my references NOW?  I'm not forking over references without knowing the particulars of the job I'm applying for.  Last thing I need is potential employers calling my references and it becomes an annoyance.  I kind of bypassed this issue by having two sets of references.  I have the references that don't mind getting called and providing a good reference.  Then I have those that are the creme of the crop, those that will assist in sealing the deal.  I mean really, if you can't send a rejection email am I to believe you actually call those references prior to rejecting my application?

And to those who write that "employers are hiring experience over newbies",  I'd like to know WHERE!  I realize that as I age, like a fine wine, the market becomes tougher and a select few get chosen.  Maybe I need to invest some monies to have a professional write my résumé.  Give me some tips and tricks to at least get a foot in the door, errr, computer server.

Maybe this old dog needs to learn the new tricks.  I just find it very frustrating the process has changed so significantly since I began searching back in '84. 

Monday, January 05, 2015

2015 Starts with A Thud

I just learned today that changes are coming at my place of employment.  I think I've mentioned before I work in a manufacturing environment.  My job isn't difficult as long as you're organized and can create a routine.  I don't really like the hours as they are 12 hour shifts on a rotating schedule.  In other words, one week I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  The next week it's opposite days.  Life was good until about 6 months ago when they added another production line for me to run.  So instead of 2 lines, I know run 3 lines.  Walking went from 4-6 miles a night to 8-10 miles a night.  Physically it has taken it's toll on my body.  I am exhausted after each shift and rarely do much outside of work due to my physical ailments.

So with that back history, I just learned that starting in February we will be going to 8 hour shifts working 5 days a week.  Which one would think that's a good thing, except they are taking a $1.00 an hour away from our pay.  See, to lure people into accepting employment back a couple years ago (that would be me) we were sold on the $1.00 premium to work 12 hour shifts.  And now that they are moving back to 8 hour shifts they are canceling that $1.00 an hour premium.  Without going into Finances 101, I'll be losing approximately $5,000 a year.

Oh and I still get to run 3 production lines! 

Happy F&ckin' New Year!!!