Monday, January 05, 2015

2015 Starts with A Thud

I just learned today that changes are coming at my place of employment.  I think I've mentioned before I work in a manufacturing environment.  My job isn't difficult as long as you're organized and can create a routine.  I don't really like the hours as they are 12 hour shifts on a rotating schedule.  In other words, one week I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  The next week it's opposite days.  Life was good until about 6 months ago when they added another production line for me to run.  So instead of 2 lines, I know run 3 lines.  Walking went from 4-6 miles a night to 8-10 miles a night.  Physically it has taken it's toll on my body.  I am exhausted after each shift and rarely do much outside of work due to my physical ailments.

So with that back history, I just learned that starting in February we will be going to 8 hour shifts working 5 days a week.  Which one would think that's a good thing, except they are taking a $1.00 an hour away from our pay.  See, to lure people into accepting employment back a couple years ago (that would be me) we were sold on the $1.00 premium to work 12 hour shifts.  And now that they are moving back to 8 hour shifts they are canceling that $1.00 an hour premium.  Without going into Finances 101, I'll be losing approximately $5,000 a year.

Oh and I still get to run 3 production lines! 

Happy F&ckin' New Year!!!

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