Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Slowly Progressing Forward Albeit a Tortoise Pace

Hello friends, it's been awhile.  Well that's because I forgot my password.  But I found my list this week and tadaaaaaaaa!  I am back.

I start cardio rehab this Friday.  Kinda looking forward to it but not.  I'm a bit apprehensive about exercising at someones pace other than my own.  While it's true I walked 2/3 mile last night, I bet it took me a good 20 minutes.  ( I forgot my phone to track myself)  And it's true, I'm am a bit fearful that "pushing" myself could lead to complications.  You see....longtime followers will recall that back in September of 2006 I passed my stress test with flying colors.  Two weeks later I had a widowmaker and 3 stents.  Fast forward to 2018 and passed another stress test with flying colors.  And you guessed it, a triple by-pass.  Hence my apprehension....and yes, NO more stress tests for me.  Ever. Period. Zero. Nada.  I forgot to mention I just had an echo cardiogram Tuesday and still awaiting the results.  But I'm gonna venture a guess of the diagnosis: Passed.  I know, I am keenly aware that my answer drips with sarcasm.  But you'll see...

Appetite is finally back although most of my favorites have been cut.  I'm watching caffeine, sodium and sugar intakes right now.  Eating more fish, rice, beans and all that healthy rabbit food.  Chicken and pork are the main meat staples.  We found some turkey breasts on sale so those will be used as "lunch meat" when I return to work.  What is really tough, finding ham low in sodium.  Still looking...  Frozen veggies, no more canned.  No canned soups or anything canned for that matter.  Although I still eat baked beans out of the can.  I figure the gas negates the sodium.

Work...I dunno how I'm going to return.  I'm living the life right now.  I do nothing mainly because no one lets me.  But those that truly know me understand this isn't always the case.  Maybe after two weeks of rehab I'll feel more confident and take on more challenges.  I'm also getting a membership at the gym.  $10 a month with no commitment, open 24/7 and it's close to home.  Can't beat that!  I am also starting a daily routine to help ease myself back in real world living.  **I cringed at even typing that one**  But alas bills need paid and kids need fed.  Not sure yet when I'll return but hoping mid-August.  I was hoping sooner but it took 3 appointments and 3 weeks just to start rehab.

Oh and it's my birthday month.  I'll be 40 this shipping and handling!

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

I Survived, Let the Pain Begin

Lord have mercy, please.  I survived the surgery although it was a triple bypass and not a quad as originally ordered.  The quad could not be performed due to the location and artery size.  Basically, the 70% was blocked throughout the artery and all of the branches.  Yes, there is probably more information but it escapes me right now.  I'm just happy to be this side of the daisies.

The chest is mighty sore right now.  I asked not to have opiods (sp) and went with the strongest.  Right now it's manageable and tolerable.  And the boredom...I've only been home since June 3 2018 and I am bored.

I'll be posting more as I am able to sit longer.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

I Have Returned Triumphantly Although Wounded

**dusts off the blog**

Well folks, I have returned triumphantly although wounded.  July 2006 I created this blog mainly out of boredom.  I had something to say although I had no clue as to what.  A couple of months later I suffered a widow maker and survived, miraculously without any damage.  And then it occurred to me: my blog was a resource of life.  A resource, not only for me, but for others who enjoyed my rantings and writings.

So I have wounds are deep this time.  May 29th I return for a quadruple by-pass surgery.  What can I say, go big or go home.  The one reason I did not have the surgery May 15th was due to me already being on blood thinners.  So now weaning me off the blood thinners is a whole new hurdle to cross.  Will one of my three 90% blockages clot?  Will my body overreact and clot erroneously?  Will I make the finish line of May 29th?

I will be posting weekly after the surgery.  Mainly to give me an outlet.  Anyone who has or will be undergoing major surgery will feel as if you are alone.  Even though you know deep down people, family and friends are praying for you.  Writing is my outlet...and it makes me feel better to read my own emotions on paper, errr posted.  You get the idea.

Until then folks, remember my motto: Reality sucks and Life goes on

**breaks out the glass cleaner and furniture polish**

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Finding a New Job Frustrations

I admit it's been a few years and things sure have changed regarding the job market.  A résumé is a résumé and that is now the front line of observation.  Long gone are the days of a "real live human being" reviewing your application.  For that matter, entering the potential new employers facility and filling out an application "in person".  Ok, I admit it's not been THAT long since I've filled out applications.  One can always dream of days gone by.

My huge frustration is getting back into the engineering field and supporting positions.  The only replies I receive lately are manufacturing based which has been my employment for the last 4 years.  My dilemma is how to get the résumé noticed for previous experiences related to the engineering field without deleting the previous work experience.  To me, deleting the manufacturing experience would be lying and I would still have to explain the 4 year gap in employment.  So it's a dilemma that's not easily resolved, so far in my research.

And when did potential employers stop sending the rejection letters?  It is very frustrating to see a job you applied for 30 days ago reappear!  It would be annoying to me, as an employer, to have the same person applying multiple times when they clearly weren't qualified the first time around.  With today's technology, a rejection template is simple, takes mere seconds to send and gets those pesky candidates off your back. want my references NOW?  I'm not forking over references without knowing the particulars of the job I'm applying for.  Last thing I need is potential employers calling my references and it becomes an annoyance.  I kind of bypassed this issue by having two sets of references.  I have the references that don't mind getting called and providing a good reference.  Then I have those that are the creme of the crop, those that will assist in sealing the deal.  I mean really, if you can't send a rejection email am I to believe you actually call those references prior to rejecting my application?

And to those who write that "employers are hiring experience over newbies",  I'd like to know WHERE!  I realize that as I age, like a fine wine, the market becomes tougher and a select few get chosen.  Maybe I need to invest some monies to have a professional write my résumé.  Give me some tips and tricks to at least get a foot in the door, errr, computer server.

Maybe this old dog needs to learn the new tricks.  I just find it very frustrating the process has changed so significantly since I began searching back in '84. 

Monday, January 05, 2015

2015 Starts with A Thud

I just learned today that changes are coming at my place of employment.  I think I've mentioned before I work in a manufacturing environment.  My job isn't difficult as long as you're organized and can create a routine.  I don't really like the hours as they are 12 hour shifts on a rotating schedule.  In other words, one week I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  The next week it's opposite days.  Life was good until about 6 months ago when they added another production line for me to run.  So instead of 2 lines, I know run 3 lines.  Walking went from 4-6 miles a night to 8-10 miles a night.  Physically it has taken it's toll on my body.  I am exhausted after each shift and rarely do much outside of work due to my physical ailments.

So with that back history, I just learned that starting in February we will be going to 8 hour shifts working 5 days a week.  Which one would think that's a good thing, except they are taking a $1.00 an hour away from our pay.  See, to lure people into accepting employment back a couple years ago (that would be me) we were sold on the $1.00 premium to work 12 hour shifts.  And now that they are moving back to 8 hour shifts they are canceling that $1.00 an hour premium.  Without going into Finances 101, I'll be losing approximately $5,000 a year.

Oh and I still get to run 3 production lines! 

Happy F&ckin' New Year!!!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

The day was mostly uneventful this year.  The biggest event of the day came at the expense of me.  If you don't like whiny, poorest me posts, move along.  This one is all about me!

I love my family, I really do.  But this year really struck a bad chord with the festivities.  See, it all started back many many years ago.  I'm not too positive of the year because I try not to remember events that are unpopular.  Unpopular, you ask?  Yea, like a death of a family member unpopular.  So I lost an uncle many years ago and I still carry the burden of not visiting with him the last Christmas he was alive.  I had just spent a long two days with my "new" family.  You know, the whole Christmas Eve and Christmas Day partying, eating and visiting.  I spoke to him on the phone that evening around 6pm and apologized for not making his family dinner.  I felt bad, really bad since my 1st cousin was home from the Air Force Academy and I didn't make the time to visit.  Little did I know it would be the last time I spoke with my uncle as he died 2 weeks later.

So fast forward to Thanksgiving 2014 and events unfolded that has me really upset.  My uncle's daughter, the other 1st cousin, was coming to visit my mom and dad with her daughter.  A sparkling bundle of joy that baby is, from the pictures I've seen.  I've not met her yet and would have really loved visiting with her (baby) and the family.  I'm guessing it was a last minute plan because it wasn't mentioned during dinner.  Maybe a surprise, I just don't know.  Anyways, I was informed at 3:30 we needed to be home by 4:30 so they could prepare for the shopping event known as Black Friday.  This really upset me, family ALWAYS comes first.  But I'm guessing not my side of the family.  I was also informed I was the designated babysitter for the evening.  Now luckily, it was just the two boys and no one else's kids.  That may have ended up a news segment for the 11 o'clock broadcast.  Reluctantly, I left mom and dad's and we headed home.  Only to get home and find out it was really 5:30 and not 4:30 everyone was leaving.  Needless to say I was, and still am, pissed beyond imagination.

So needless to say, my Thanksgiving was a bust in my opinion.  And unfortunately, my family will be the ones to suffer because I will NOT let these types of events to unfold ever again.  The spirit of family has been desensitized to the point of greediness.  I never minded the "we're leaving at 3am" type of plans because I could still enjoy my family time.  But we have digressed into thinking greediness is more important than quality family time.  Well today, November 28, 2014, that all stops in my household.

I really had a quality Thanksgiving post detailed out in my head for today.  But a black cloud has set my mood for the holiday seasons.  It's time I start being selfish and demand things are done my way.  Especially when it comes to quality family time.

I hope you all had a better Thanksgiving and you were fed well.  be sure to set your scales back 10 pounds!