Sunday, February 12, 2012

Post Holiday Update


January 5th 2012 and September 25 2006 now have something in common. Yes, I had another heart episode but this time they're are not sure IF a heart attack occurred. I did have a previous stent that was over 95% blocked and with a new one placed, I am healed. Well sort of...coronary heart disease is a disease and is an ongoing battle to stay ahead of the game.

That morning after work I had the usual routine of coming home, watching some tv with the family, coffee, breakfast, medicines, etc... I laid down around 9:30 am right after the wife left for a doctors appointment. My sister-in-law was here babysitting Lil Man so I could slumber. About 9:45 I didn't feel quite right and decided to take my blood pressure. It was 160/100 so I took a few minutes to relax myself. I took my blood pressure again and it hadn't changed so I took a nitro pill, which usually knocks the blood pressure down instantly. However this time, the BP had risen to 170/100.

I got dressed in sweats and a tee shirt and headed out to the living room. I told my SIL to hang up the phone and take my BP. She did and it was still 170/100. She immediately called 911 upon my request. The ball was set in motion...calling the wife, getting my wallet, getting the dogs put up and getting Lil Man situated. By the time the paramedics got there, I was having pains in my neck, jaw and chest. BP was 190/130 and 4 nitro sprays with 4 baby aspirin didn't do anything. Now I'm getting worried...

The ride in the ambulance was uneventful as no sirens, blowing stop lights or anything. Now silly as this might sound, this calmed me allot! While the bP was still elevated the fact no sirens or rushing was a sign things weren't about to escalate to serious. I will say the young paramedic didn't help my BP any as she was cute and giggled at my silly jokes.

The emergency room was about as exciting as the ambulance ride. Spoke to quite a few doctors and nurses telling the same story over and over. At one point the put nitro paste on my chest and again, didn't counter-act the high BP. A heart doctor came in while my dad was there and asked why I was sweating. I responded I had no idea as I was laying perfectly still. Well DUH...we all know sweating is a sign! I mean serious sweating here people. He laughed and said he knew why, he just wanted to see if I knew. He explained I'd be receiving angioplasty to see what all the excitement was about. This was around 11 am, as far as I can remember. Next thing I know I'm being prepped and readied for the procedure. I don't really remember much about that except when they opened the blocked artery, my body felt a warm rush.

The rest was all a blur as it seemed to happen so quickly. I spent two days in the hospital and received the greatest care. The nurses were great and made me as comfortable as possible.

All seriousness aside, Lil Man made the comment of the year. While the paramedics were hooking up the ekg machine, Lil Man asked, "Why are they hooking you up to a microwave? Are you that hungry? I get you a poptart and some juice."

So there you have it New Year started off with a bang! Change of medications and my BP is now 90/60 resting and I'm feeling better each day. I still have along way to recovery, both mentally and physically. The lingering question of my mortality isn't as prevalent as last time. More so the question of "I thought I was ok after the first one?" Well I soon found out after a follow-up visit and a stern lecture its an ongoing process. I have my moments of intelligence and wisdom but I have twice as many times of ignorance and blindness. I'm now trying to merge the two into one and fight this battle head on!

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