Thursday, September 25, 2014

Catching Up - Part Two

Yea I's been more than a month.  Reality sucks and takes time away from my postings.  But I have time now since its 3 am on my night off.  Yes, my sleep patterns stay relatively the same when I'm off work as when I am working.  So I sit and watch boring TV, read blogs, catch up on Facebook and do trivial things.  I can't do much since the house is asleep and its dark outside.  I thought about mowing the yard tonight by strapping flashlights to the mower.  I don't think my neighbors would find the humor.

So I spoke in my last post about our guardianships.  September 2010 we took guardianship of my wife's two great nephews.  I won't air out the dirty laundry of the circumstances surrounding the guardianship.  But I will say it was meant for the boys' best interest.  They are now 9 and 6 years old.  Both boys are enrolled in a private school (thanks to Indiana's School Voucher) and are thriving.  I must say it was quite the culture shock as we were a house of 3 turned into 5.  And being boys they are the handful.  Their mom, well lets just say crack does strange things to people.  Enough said...

Court costs for all this have taken a toll.  I lost track but I am guessing around $15,000 was spent.  I still owe around $6,000 and am struggling to maintain the finances.  It's tough when you're a household income of one.  But I wouldn't trade or change anything.  I just pray the boys turn out decent and we can give them everything they need to live a good life.  To think I'll be 61 when the youngest graduates high school.  smh  I hope I can stay awake during the ceremony!  LOL

With my current job, my music show (Quiet on the Set!) and all the festivities surrounding it have taken a backseat.  I still make a few shows for the local Indie bands and some regional bands.  Right now, Captain Ivory is the hottest band.  They just moved to Nashville and are going on a European tour this February.  Google them and check them out, you won't be disappointed.  All the bands I helped back when have mostly broken up.  I still have a few of them on Facebook as friends but for the most part there's no music involved.  I truly do miss those days and hope one day soon I can return to my passion.

One thing I've noticed about Facebook is the keyboard commanders and the "right to free speech".  Well I leave you with this: