Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

The day was mostly uneventful this year.  The biggest event of the day came at the expense of me.  If you don't like whiny, poorest me posts, move along.  This one is all about me!

I love my family, I really do.  But this year really struck a bad chord with the festivities.  See, it all started back many many years ago.  I'm not too positive of the year because I try not to remember events that are unpopular.  Unpopular, you ask?  Yea, like a death of a family member unpopular.  So I lost an uncle many years ago and I still carry the burden of not visiting with him the last Christmas he was alive.  I had just spent a long two days with my "new" family.  You know, the whole Christmas Eve and Christmas Day partying, eating and visiting.  I spoke to him on the phone that evening around 6pm and apologized for not making his family dinner.  I felt bad, really bad since my 1st cousin was home from the Air Force Academy and I didn't make the time to visit.  Little did I know it would be the last time I spoke with my uncle as he died 2 weeks later.

So fast forward to Thanksgiving 2014 and events unfolded that has me really upset.  My uncle's daughter, the other 1st cousin, was coming to visit my mom and dad with her daughter.  A sparkling bundle of joy that baby is, from the pictures I've seen.  I've not met her yet and would have really loved visiting with her (baby) and the family.  I'm guessing it was a last minute plan because it wasn't mentioned during dinner.  Maybe a surprise, I just don't know.  Anyways, I was informed at 3:30 we needed to be home by 4:30 so they could prepare for the shopping event known as Black Friday.  This really upset me, family ALWAYS comes first.  But I'm guessing not my side of the family.  I was also informed I was the designated babysitter for the evening.  Now luckily, it was just the two boys and no one else's kids.  That may have ended up a news segment for the 11 o'clock broadcast.  Reluctantly, I left mom and dad's and we headed home.  Only to get home and find out it was really 5:30 and not 4:30 everyone was leaving.  Needless to say I was, and still am, pissed beyond imagination.

So needless to say, my Thanksgiving was a bust in my opinion.  And unfortunately, my family will be the ones to suffer because I will NOT let these types of events to unfold ever again.  The spirit of family has been desensitized to the point of greediness.  I never minded the "we're leaving at 3am" type of plans because I could still enjoy my family time.  But we have digressed into thinking greediness is more important than quality family time.  Well today, November 28, 2014, that all stops in my household.

I really had a quality Thanksgiving post detailed out in my head for today.  But a black cloud has set my mood for the holiday seasons.  It's time I start being selfish and demand things are done my way.  Especially when it comes to quality family time.

I hope you all had a better Thanksgiving and you were fed well.  be sure to set your scales back 10 pounds!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Catching Up - Part Two

Yea I's been more than a month.  Reality sucks and takes time away from my postings.  But I have time now since its 3 am on my night off.  Yes, my sleep patterns stay relatively the same when I'm off work as when I am working.  So I sit and watch boring TV, read blogs, catch up on Facebook and do trivial things.  I can't do much since the house is asleep and its dark outside.  I thought about mowing the yard tonight by strapping flashlights to the mower.  I don't think my neighbors would find the humor.

So I spoke in my last post about our guardianships.  September 2010 we took guardianship of my wife's two great nephews.  I won't air out the dirty laundry of the circumstances surrounding the guardianship.  But I will say it was meant for the boys' best interest.  They are now 9 and 6 years old.  Both boys are enrolled in a private school (thanks to Indiana's School Voucher) and are thriving.  I must say it was quite the culture shock as we were a house of 3 turned into 5.  And being boys they are the handful.  Their mom, well lets just say crack does strange things to people.  Enough said...

Court costs for all this have taken a toll.  I lost track but I am guessing around $15,000 was spent.  I still owe around $6,000 and am struggling to maintain the finances.  It's tough when you're a household income of one.  But I wouldn't trade or change anything.  I just pray the boys turn out decent and we can give them everything they need to live a good life.  To think I'll be 61 when the youngest graduates high school.  smh  I hope I can stay awake during the ceremony!  LOL

With my current job, my music show (Quiet on the Set!) and all the festivities surrounding it have taken a backseat.  I still make a few shows for the local Indie bands and some regional bands.  Right now, Captain Ivory is the hottest band.  They just moved to Nashville and are going on a European tour this February.  Google them and check them out, you won't be disappointed.  All the bands I helped back when have mostly broken up.  I still have a few of them on Facebook as friends but for the most part there's no music involved.  I truly do miss those days and hope one day soon I can return to my passion.

One thing I've noticed about Facebook is the keyboard commanders and the "right to free speech".  Well I leave you with this:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Catching Up - Part One

I'll be breaking this down into a couple of posts, or more, depending on how energetic I feel.  I mean afterall, it's been over 2 years since I've posted anything of substantial importance.  I did post the story I was writing but real life took over and the story is still stuck in my head waiting for a release.

I went through my blogroll today and I ran the gamut of emotions.  I found longtime bloggers still blogging, some spotty such as myself and some vacant.  I also found a few bloggers who are bereft of life.  Unless you have participated daily in the blogging life you cannot fathom how someone hundreds or even thousands of miles away, whom you never met, can really be apart of your life.  I am hoping those that are vacant are still apart of my newsfeed and/or have me bookmarked and check in.  Ksquest and CrazyUnk are bereft of life and hit me the hardest.  I know they are both living comfortably on the other side now but I feel terrible for not knowing within 30 days of their passing.  Maybe it's the empath in me, who knows.

Let's see...where to begin.  I am working full time and while it's a burden to my life but I am thankful to be employed.  At 49 years old it's a wonder kids these days will ever survive.  I work 12 hour shifts from 7pm to 7:30am on a rotating schedule.  This week I have Sunday and Monday off, work Tuesday and Wednesday, off Thursday and Friday and back to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Rinse and repeat.  It's not tough work really except being on my feet 12+ hours a shift walking a minimum of 4-6 miles a night.  I've had this job for 2 1/2 years now and it's really disrupted my life.  I can't coach soccer, basketball or track anymore and that SUCKS.  I miss my nights on the weekends and being able to participate in festivities.  And I miss homecooked meals.  I won't lie about that, ever.  After working 3 days straight, or 7 days when working OT, I must have a homecooked meal that night off.  I tire of eating sandwiches and chips.  LOL

My son is a senior in high school this year.  18 years old and has his drivers permit.  Doesn't have a job yet because he does struggle in school.  He has worked odd jobs through the summers but mostly we want to focus on school.  This year his curriculum is loaded and he'll be busy busy busy.  I think dad will step in and help with homework whenever possible, such as papers and things. I am so proud of the young man he is today but he really needs a case of reality.  LOL  Unfortunately, we can't really afford him an allowance otherwise he'd have more spending money for things he enjoys, wants or needs.  I am hoping he wants to pursue college but I'm not holding my breath.  I will still poke and prod him to seek further education.  Mainly I don't want him stuck in the boat I am right now, I don't have that piece of paper that gets me the better jobs.  I can nail the interviews and such but it always boils down to a college degree.  If I had known back in 1984...

There will be more posts to follow bringing you all up to speed.  I still have to mention the guardianships we have, the progress of my health (obviously is good otherwise I wouldn't be typing this) and my love of ,music that took a back burner.  And of course my humor posts.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Clearing the Webs

Dusting off the "ol' blog" and getting back into the swing. I've done my tour of Facebook and while I enjoy connecting with friends, new and old, I'm growing weary of the social media. So I've decided to revive this blog for sanity purposes. I'm not going to publish daily, probably not weekly but definitely monthly.

 I'll be posting mostly my thoughts and extended thoughts of my life. Sure, there'll be the occasional post on religion, politics, pron and humor but mostly it'll be geared towards my thoughts I wish to share.

 So friends, if this won't be to your liking just click you're next bookmark. Stay tuned, more action to follow!