Wednesday, July 18, 2018

2 Steps Forward 1 Step Back

Well darnit...we have a minor setback.  During my cardio rehab, my blood pressure is 150/100.  Not good!  We have doubled my blood pressure medicine but it'll take a couple of weeks to see results.  So that means I cannot return to work the last week of July.  I want to return to work.  My sanity is slipping away!  I had an echo cardiogram test last Tuesday.  I have discussed the results with my doctor yet.  However, I can view them online so I peeked.  I researched the results and learned a few things.  Answered a few questions I had and what was causing them.  The big answer was why my heart felt like it was going to jerk out of my chest.  I learned that was a mitral valve regurgitation caused guessed it, high blood pressure.  I haven't had one in two days so I'm praying the increased meds are starting to work.

In other news...I signed up to a gym.  I realize I can't use it just yet.  I wanted to sign-up now to help boost my confidence and set a goal.  $10 a month and it's open 24/7.  Not alot of weights but I can work with what they have.  Plenty of treadmills, stair steppers, bicycles, etc...  I've also lost 2 lbs in a week.  Only 36 more to go!  That 36 will take me a year.  I'm not planning on dumping it all at once.

And btw, the cardio rehab kicks my ass!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Slowly Progressing Forward Albeit a Tortoise Pace

Hello friends, it's been awhile.  Well that's because I forgot my password.  But I found my list this week and tadaaaaaaaa!  I am back.

I start cardio rehab this Friday.  Kinda looking forward to it but not.  I'm a bit apprehensive about exercising at someones pace other than my own.  While it's true I walked 2/3 mile last night, I bet it took me a good 20 minutes.  ( I forgot my phone to track myself)  And it's true, I'm am a bit fearful that "pushing" myself could lead to complications.  You see....longtime followers will recall that back in September of 2006 I passed my stress test with flying colors.  Two weeks later I had a widowmaker and 3 stents.  Fast forward to 2018 and passed another stress test with flying colors.  And you guessed it, a triple by-pass.  Hence my apprehension....and yes, NO more stress tests for me.  Ever. Period. Zero. Nada.  I forgot to mention I just had an echo cardiogram Tuesday and still awaiting the results.  But I'm gonna venture a guess of the diagnosis: Passed.  I know, I am keenly aware that my answer drips with sarcasm.  But you'll see...

Appetite is finally back although most of my favorites have been cut.  I'm watching caffeine, sodium and sugar intakes right now.  Eating more fish, rice, beans and all that healthy rabbit food.  Chicken and pork are the main meat staples.  We found some turkey breasts on sale so those will be used as "lunch meat" when I return to work.  What is really tough, finding ham low in sodium.  Still looking...  Frozen veggies, no more canned.  No canned soups or anything canned for that matter.  Although I still eat baked beans out of the can.  I figure the gas negates the sodium.

Work...I dunno how I'm going to return.  I'm living the life right now.  I do nothing mainly because no one lets me.  But those that truly know me understand this isn't always the case.  Maybe after two weeks of rehab I'll feel more confident and take on more challenges.  I'm also getting a membership at the gym.  $10 a month with no commitment, open 24/7 and it's close to home.  Can't beat that!  I am also starting a daily routine to help ease myself back in real world living.  **I cringed at even typing that one**  But alas bills need paid and kids need fed.  Not sure yet when I'll return but hoping mid-August.  I was hoping sooner but it took 3 appointments and 3 weeks just to start rehab.

Oh and it's my birthday month.  I'll be 40 this shipping and handling!