Sunday, February 20, 2011

Still Here...

Not allot to post about lately without whining and venting. And that's not what my blog was created for so I've opted to curtail posts to save face. But I thought I'd at least update my faithful followers.'s true I've found a job. Albeit a low paying job with hours under 30 a week. It's a cool job working outdoors and being partnered with a cool guy. It's pretty easy and it can get mind numbing at times, but its a job right? Finances are really tight and am trying to find a second job to make ends meet. Definitely not what I had planned at 45 years old.

The cold has finally taken it's migratory trip back North for the season. I hope it stays this way until next December. lol We had 2 inches of ice back a few weeks ago and it was brutally cold and physically demanding removing it. 4 hours to excavate two cars. Yikes!

Ok..not much else to post without whining. lol I hope to post more now that a few things have calmed down in life.