Friday, June 19, 2009

3 years? No Way....

Yes I am alive and well just nothing major to post about. Still no work and just trying to survive this recession. It really sucks...lemme tell you. I don't even watch the news anymore or even attempt to read world news. It sucks! Maybe thats why I've not had much to write about, no commentary on events as this blog slowly transformed that way. Maybe I should make an effort to post at least once a week but then again no one visits here. Who could blame them as I haven't posted in over 30 days. I'm sure within the next 30 days they'll get bored with the regulars and like a bad train wreck they'll return because they just can't help themselves. I still visit all the regulars weekly if not daily. I don't comment much anymore and for those that looked forward to my comments I truly apologize. Maybe I have permanent writers block or I've journeyed farther down my path that doesn't include writing. Who knows...I'll post here and leave this blog available. Maybe someone will read the archives and find some inspiration or a clue to the meaning of life.

Hard to believe this blog has survived 3 years of my nonsense. This blog has been a therapeutic release for all my dreams and frustrations. I have made a few good friends the past 3 years and I hope that they consider me a friend as well. Over 30,000 visitors in 3 years is an accomplishment I never dreamed would materialize into reality. For that I am truly thankful and a debt of gratitude for those that have laughed and cried with me.

Happy Blogiversary to me! 3 years and still around!