Monday, July 03, 2006

Bland Look

Many years ago I challenged myself to creating websites. I did alright for the first couple of years. Just a little side venture, mind you, but enough to help pay for home repairs and what nots. And as is my trait, I had missed the boat by a couple of years. I ran into allot of "I want this and thats" that were technically beyond my abilities. Flash and JAVA scripting were fastly becoming the mainstream. I couldn't keep up and eventually ceased creating websites. Sad, because I loved the challenge.

So when I started this blog, I had no idea how this all worked. I figured "plug-n-play" and off to the world of blogging. And rightfully so, posting a blog is easy. It's when I went to add the linky goodness that I stumbled. I found it eventually, where to add the links, I even read the help section. And what I found made me feel stupid. I wanted the links to pop a new window. How could I have forgotten such an easy command? 8 years ago it was common place, second nature, typed it in my sleep kinda command. And I had to read the HELP SECTION. ugh

So during my adventures thru the blog world, I found many an intersting site designs. Some I liked, some I disliked and some I will strive for the look. But what look do I want? Do I even want to create a theme? What colors do I want? Add any pictures in the sidebars? Mouse-overs? Backgrounds? Bland..BLAND BLAND BLAND

Bland is all for now. Easy to read, easy on the eyes and easy on the mind. I'll mess around with colors for the text features. I may even add a background that may or may not have something of a theme.

Bland is good except if your starving. Speaking of which, its almost lunch time.

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