Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blog Blog Blog

Friends, family and fellow bloggers...why is blogging useful? I'm sure this thought had been pondered by all of us at one time or another. I won't lose sleep over it but when you have a 30 minute one-way commute to work, you have time to reflect. So it was yesterday that I drove home thinking of something to blog today. Nothing really caught my fancy and nothing came to mind that was so imperative that the world would cease to exist if I stumbled. But lo and I am with a blog post.

I decided after reading allot of really good blogs out on the internets that I'd give it a whirl. Why not....couldn't hurt anything. I have my moments of literary greatness within chat forums and with friends I regularly converse with via IM, email or other programs. And some poems I've even created that I find absolutely amazing I even have the ability to write. I'm no Robert Frost but as long as I find satisfaction, then its all worthwhile. And who knows, venturing into the unknown, I may even inspire a kind thought or gesture to some unsuspecting stranger who happens to stumble in here. And I've let a few people know of my ramblings here that I consider close enough friends that I'll get truthful and unbiased feedback. Or who will enjoy my ramblings.

But what is really a friend on the internet? Someone whom you've never met face to face is considered a friend? But yet somehow, you find solitude chatting or emailing with them on almost a daily basis. I've not had the pleasure of talking with many of my internet buddies via telephone nor have I had the pleasure of meeting anyone in person. Why? Because I'm an introvert and don't fancy meeting "strangers" as a regular habit. However, I do celebrate and commiserate life with each one. And they reciprocate in kind. Sometimes its not about seeing or touching someone that brings about a feeling of peace and comfort when your emotional tank is depleted. Or having to hear the laughter or feel the pat on the back when life is treating you like royalty. We can have vehement opposing viewpoints with each other one day and challenge anyone who dares step between us the next. It's all about the virtual world we've created here. Using our imagination once again as if we were children with imaginary friends. Using our words to express our feelings, triumphs and tribulations. Creating a bond reminiscent of a penpal before the telephone or internet was ever a figment of someones imagination. We all remember the days of long ago when a card or letter brought us joy. Even when that letter contained sorrow, it brought us joy that someone cared enough to actually mail us.

And so it comes to pass that I, the Dazed and Confuzed one, have started laying the foundation of hopefully many blogging friendships to come. And hopefully solidifying those already established friendships I already consider true. A ways and means to converse with my family and friends some inner thoughts that necessarily wouldn't be discussed. An outlet for all those thoughts that take up valuable cerebral space clanking around inside. An avenue to further my knowledge and experience in an area I've struggled with all my life. That is why I am here posting daily...satisfying my own personal needs and desires. And hopefully along the way, forging friendships through literary means that these ramblings become an essential daily reading.

I'm sure some doctor with a Psychology background will describe this unique behavior with an acronym. Some of us (me) will be diagnosed with ICD...Internet Chat Disorder. And most of us will be diagnosed with another variation from the original BPD and will affectionately be called...Blog Posting Disorder.


Cris said...

Never better said! I just bumped in and like your thoughts and tribulations.. and blog!

Dazd said...

Thank you, I hope you return for further reading.

Cris said...

Well i already added you to my blog list and i will return!

hoosierboy said...

BPD -- I am sure I have that disease.