Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's Tuesday right?

I've noticed a very disturbing trend in todays youth. Call me cynical, but I'm really afraid teenagers today have less ability for simple calculations. For example:

"Sir, that will be $5.22." I hand them a $20.00 bill and get $5.22 in change. Normally I'd be really happy if I would've paid with $6.00. "I believe I gave you a $20 bill!?!." "No sir, you gave me a $10 bill." And so the fun begins..."Ok, if I gave you a $10 bill and my total was $5.22, why would I receive $5.22 back?" Uh...Blink. Me..."So what would my change be for a $10 bill with a $5.22 total?" Uh...Blink. Me..."get the manager". Now normally, this would be in my favor. The cashier was approximately 16-18 years old. What astounded me was the manager couldn't have been more then 21. lol I could see this was heading nowhere faster then a speeding locomotive. Manager..."Sir, what seems to be the issue. The cashier claims you gave them a $10 bill and your claiming you gave a $20 bill." "That's sorta right...If I gave them a $10 bill and my total was $5.22, why would I receive $5.22 back?" Manager...Blink. Manager..."I'll have to balance the cash drawer in order for you to receive the correct change." Me...Blink. "Ok...I'm sitting in a drive-thru and you want to balance the cash drawer while 1. my food goes cold and 2. all these people become highly agitated. I can wait..." Manager...Blink. Finally, the manager concedes within minutes to me giving them a $20 bill and not a $10 bill. He said, and I quote, "Sir, next time please take this kind of issue to the front cashier area. You have caused an extremely long back-up at our drive-thru." So I drive to the next window, got my food and proceeded to park and honor the managers request. heh

Now mind you, here where I work, there is little to choose from for partaking of fast food for lunch. This place happens to be a regular haunt for me and most of the people inside know me by my ugly mug. As I walk in, I'm greeted at the front cashier by the self-proclaimed manager. I think he was shocked...a kodak moment. I now had an unobstructed view of his name tag...Assistant Manager. "I want to see the Manager...not an ASSistant Manager this time." Yes, I emphasized that part. "Sir, she's busy right now and I'll be more then happy to answer any of your questions or concerns." Me..."That would be great except you are the question and concern." Assistant Manager...Blink. Off he goes...with a look of disbelief and utter contempt. lol

So here comes the Manager around the corner with a scowl on her face and Assistant Manager trailing behind. She's not looking real happy about the interruption and I'm hoping this doesn't go sour real quick. She sees me, smiles and says, "Well how are you today? I just saw you yesterday (and I was)...what can I do for you?" I explained my side of the story and a blank look comes across her face with a Blink. lol She apologizes and tells me she's sorry for my inconvenience and promises to make sure nothing like this occurs again on any future visits. Normally I would've heard Blah Blah Blah...but since I've been frequenting this establishment for some 3 years now, I took it as genuine. I thanked her for her courteous manner and professional approach to my situation. As I turned to walk away, I heard her tell the Assistant Manager what every business establishment should have as their Golden Rule: The customer is always right.

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