Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Life's Wrinkles

Life is like a hot bath. It feels good while you're in it, but the longer you stay in, the more wrinkled you get. Robert Oustin

So what's a few wrinkles? I know I know...stop right there. Yes I know that question comes from a man. I know most of the ladies out there think wrinkles are the tell-tale sign of the beginning of the end. Actually, it's the beginning of life. Wha? Shhhh...let me try and explain.

Have you ever looked back on your life and think, "Self, what were you thinking?". Come on now...don't be shy. Let's see a show of hands. Good...now I do this from time to time but not very often. I usually get caught up in the past and totally forget the present. There have been many things in life I wish would have been different. But I have no regrets in life overall. Frankly, I'm glad I made them. A few decisions I regret but thats between me, myself and I.

But there are times I see people I'm close with, especially younger family or friends, that need an Uncle Dazed motivational speech. I usually don my grumpy bear hat, gruff voice and inane stare. I speak straight truths with no holds barred. And I usually end that conversation with, "Don't make the mistakes I've made" type comment. I usually get the "your off your rocker again" look and its left at that.

That's where the wrinkles are ladies and gentlemen. Our experience and wisdom of living life is priceless to those that listen. We help shape and mold our younger generation. Is that not how we learned? Not only did we learn of lifes lesson through mom and dad but sometimes from relatives or close family friends. Think back .... I learned how to tune up my first car from an Uncle I'd only see once every 5 years. I learned how to cook (stop laughing) from my Grandma. I learned how to play golf from an Uncle I barely knew. I learned...well, you get the idea. And whenever I had issues I usually turned to family or close friends of the family.

Ok...I got caught up in the past again, my apologies. Wrinkles aren't about growing old. Wrinkles are life's way of providing medals of honor. The honor to have made life's journey and fulfilling that dream or destination. Why should we deny the younger generation of our experience and wisdom? Next time someone hints at wanting a conversation... take the time to sit, listen and explain.

Life's unfairness is not irrevocable; we can help balance the scales for others, if not always for ourselves. Hubert Humphrey

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