Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Ever fill your automobile tires and get too much pressure? I always have mine filled to 34 psi and during the winter snow I'll run 32 psi. Better traction that way.

Today I noticed my ride was handling a little bizarre. Nothing to horrendous but after having this car for 6 years now, I always notice the little peculiarities. So I stopped to fill with gas and air up the tires. As I aired the tires, I accidently put 36 psi into a couple of tires. So naturally wanting to maintain continuity, I aired out 2 psi on both tires.

Good Gawd!!!

Stale air...nothing like stale air from auto tires. It was horrid...left a distinct aroma of warm air with a hint of tire rubber congesting my nostrils. So needless to say my lunch had a definite aroma with a hint of said tire rubber. Good thing I had my mouth shut prior to releasing that horrible stale air. Otherwise, I'm positive I would've gagged and probably not finished my lunch. People complain of feeling sick after long airline flights from the supposed stale air. Just think of the medical issues a direct shot could cause.

Since everyone these days organize a charity drive or support group, I'm starting my own. I am the founder and CEO of D.A.S.A.IN.T. Membership is free and there might be a quarterly newsletter covering medical issues and regional reports. Brothers and Sisters...I implore you to unite for a worthy cause. We shall not allow this deplorable condition to remain unchecked. I'm positive the guys at my local tire shop will give a big Hoorah and membership will grow exponentially.

Oh yes...D.A.S.A.IN.T. stands for Democracy Against Stale Air In Tires!



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