Saturday, August 19, 2006


I attended the Indiana State Fair again today and ran across something that chilled me. I never thought it possible that something so sacred would actually be tarnished at "MY" Indiana State Fair.

As some of you may remember, or not, I grew up in a farming community. We didn't have the farm acreage that you might think...3 acres to be exact. heh But I had allot of friends whose families operated large farms. We raised a small sheep flock and a couple of beef cattle. I also was apart of 4-H and spent many summers at the fair. So farming, livestock and the fair have always held a special place within my heart and soul. I'm even venturing back to the fair tomorrow. Well, working there too. But I still have to walk through the Pioneer Village and see all the sights for the 30th time in my life. And I must sit and listen to the bluegrass players strum and sing their enchanting melodies.

Ok...where was I? Oh yes...sacrilegious! Its a conspiracy, a sacrilege and a prime example of how this country doesn't show the proper respect for our history. What is the World coming too? Why must things change? Why or why?!?!?!?!?!

I ventured over to the livestock barns today. Saw some old friends in both the Swine and Sheep barns. I cruised through the horse barn (man them horses sure are big) and headed for the Cattle barn. I entered the Cattle barn expecting to see cattle and old friends. As I entered, I dropped the remainder of my Lemon Shake-up. I stood there disbelief...I walked quickly through the entire barn. My heart was racing, I broke into a sweat and I figured I was hallucinating from the sugar overdose of that Elephant Ear washed down by a Lemon Shake-up.

There were no cattle?!?!?!?!?!

The barn was full of Llamas!!!!!!!!! WTF!?!?! Who shows llamas at a State Fair? What are llamas good for anyways? And what are they doing in the Cattle barn!?!?!?! Where are MY cattle?!?!?!?! Two days left of the fair and NO cattle. Its sacrilegious...sacrilegious I tell you! I really need to read the fair schedule more closely next year.

I shall return tomorrow to fulfill my obligations and make my rounds through the Pioneer Village but I'll do so with a heavy heart.

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