Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I never posted something this emotional before. Yes, there have been a few about me lately but aside from that I rarely venture outside my own world. I've mentioned my cousin who is deployed currently and my nephew I lost back in February. And it's when I run across sites like the one in this post, I always seem to get the BMS. I'm sure most of you have experienced this whilst reading your monitor. Yes, us guys have only experienced once...Ok Ok, maybe twice, but thats all! *cough*

My blog buddy DNR posted about LCPL Joshua Ryan Bleill on his new site back sometime ago. If you remember DNR, he's the one who graciously updated you all during my tours in the hospital. Go check out his site...Grasshopper has done well.

So without much more fanfare, please go read about LCPL Joshua Ryan Bleill. Read it from beginning to end. It's worth the reading, otherwise I'd not post about it here. And make sure that you tell John Kerry "Kiss my Ass" next time he comes across the television screen. And here's a pic I shamelessly stole originally from Outside the Beltway but just realized Goldbloom's Padded Cell has it too!

And in case you haven't figured out what BMS is yet....Blurry Monitor Syndrome.

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