Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Philanthropy

Jay over at Kill the Goat has a very heart felt post. Go read it here first and come back.

Tissues anyone?

Thats one thing I truly love about my missus family. No one at Christmas time ever goes without. Regardless if its a meal or presents all-around, no one goes without. You call and inform us they'll be extra people attending, you're promptly asked names and ages. Then the word goes out for Christmas presents and extra food. One year, in ancient history, the missus and I both gave up all of our presents just so the adults wouldn't go without receiving presents that day. I know what you're thinking, "Oh boy all of your presents...selfish bastard". But honestly, when you limit you're exchange presents to "X amount of dollars" it becomes significant. Now I'm not talking spending obscene amounts of cash on one another. Modest amount and its not on frivilous crap.

And the children...well they got gifts that day as well. It sure warms your heart when a childs face brightens from receiving gifts at Christmas. What could be better then that? Well let me tell you...Christmas shopping the day after spending whatever money you had leftover. Making sure groceries were plentiful, making sure clothing needs were met, making sure everyone all around got something they needed and most of all receiving hugs and handshakes from the recipients. Why did they deserve this VIP treatment? Fire...2 days before Christmas. Didn't even know the family but they were friends of a family member.

And not just because its Christmas. Since I've been apart of this family for over 15 years now, I've participated in this unselfish act more times then I can count on my fingers. There's only three rules that apply to this act of kindness:
1. It only happens once
2. You need to be making an effort
3. Pay it forward
We will all need help once in our lifetime. You're living in a fantasy world behind rose colored glasses if you believe anything different.

So did you venture over and read the other article yet?

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