Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Woohoo...4 Day Weekend!

Wheeeew! What a 4 day weekend! I looked forward to work today just so I could rest. Last Saturday was spent shopping and folks, I set a new record. I was done a day BEFORE Christmas Eve. Yes...I know its tough to believe but its true. And truthfully, the shopping crowd wasn't all the bad. I think the longest check-out line wait was 15 minutes. We even found a few bargains that a couple of weeks ago would've been expensive.

Christmas Eve we spent at my parents. And we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. This tradition started back when I was a kid and has continued on even after the passing of Grandma. Every year we have chili. read that correctly, we have chili. Easy to make, everyone likes and hardly a drop is left from the pot. Dessert consists of homemade fruit salad and homemade cookies. And of course my favorite cookie of all, no-bake cookies. Ok, a Google search of no-bake cookies has enlightened me of the many varities. Hmmm...chocolate oatmeal drop cookies might be a better explanation. I left the table after my hunger was satisfied and my sweet-tooth appeased. Stoked with plenty of sugar energy, it was time to open presents. It's amazing how we left with more then we brought yet nobody had to ride atop the vehicle. We wouldn't want any of the presents to get ruined, now would we?

Do you have a family tradition for Christmas dinner?

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