Monday, January 15, 2007

Support and Encouragement

Last Spetember I realized life was too short NOT to do things the right way. I was given a second chance, for some strange reason, but that second chance will not be served selfishly.

During my blogging rounds today, I stumbled upon this website and particular post via Leslie's who found it via Bluebird Blogs. Then I went and read this man's site and shocking post.

Please visit these fine folks and leave words of encouragement. Or maybe someone out here in the blogosphere can help somehow. You all helped me when I was down and out with encouragement and support. Now I'm calling in a favor to you, dear readers, to unselfishly give of yourself again. Letem know Dazd sent you and hopefully they won't run and hide. heh

I've been told I may be a grumpy ole bear but they see I have a soft spot.

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