Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Cold Winters Day


Talk about cold...I know, there's allot of you who live in colder climates. But this poor kitty showed up on my doorstep this weekend. We felt sorry for the pussy, being it was cold and all. We took the pussy in, fed him and gave him a warm bed. We felt good about ourselves as we helped an innocent animal survive the frigid weather.

That is until we realized dogs in our neighborhood were running around lame or laying there in morbid poses. Our neighborhood quickly became void of canines of all shapes and sizes. Which was fine by me because that meant no dog poop! A win-win situation.

Late last night while we were celebrating the Colts Super Bowl victory, I heard sounds that weren't consistent with our household. It sounded link car keys clinking together in a pattern. And every few minutes it would stop for awhile. I started walking through the house looking for the mystery noise. I located the noise coming from our spare room. While I quietly stood there for a moment, I heard three sets of voices along with giggling. Odd...just the Mrs and I were awake and son was sound asleep. Eventually curiousity overcame my logical reasoning and I opened the door....

I found the pussy's buddy sitting under the window.

And another of his buddies prepared another ambush.

I quickly grabbed my gun and proceeded to remove the pussy and his buddies from my home.

Just goes to show you...you invite a pussy into your home, you never know what troubles lie ahead.


Michelle said...

I can see that Dragon and Goldbloom have influenced your style here! LOL.

By the way, LOVE the Calvin and Hobbs image at the upper left of your page...I have that exact same cartoon on my fridge...cracks me up.

cmk said...

MY cat would be a bad cat if she didn't have to actually move around to be one! She just is happy to be a fat cat. Loved the story. :)

Anonymous said...

Too many (much) little pussies and it gets difficult to keep a stiff... upper lip.

dragonlady474 said...

But look at the bright side of things, it's better to have a little pussy than a little pecker. heh

Steve said...

LOL I agree Dragon
Anon Yes, upper lip lol