Saturday, February 10, 2007

Do You Control Your Life?

I have been debating this question for some years now. Everyone has an opinion and none are right or wrong. The easiest answer I can give: To control one's surroundings. Our society, as a whole, has regressed to the point of letting our surrounding dictate our reaction. Our reaction, for the most part, is very predictable. We learn as children what reactions are expected to any given situation. But as we become adults, we find that the world is full of reality that we’ve never experienced. Thus we start the learning cycle all over again. As we continually learn from our experiences, life becomes a bit less demanding and easier to control. But our behavioral pattern is already set. All we do is build upon this and change as the situations arise. The patterns are apart of our personalities. They mold our very being and we find that reaction is spontaneous, influential and uncontrolled.

We find that society has created barriers within cultural beliefs. The barriers are created when we are confronted with beliefs that are not of our own. And so we have created societies within a society. A society, as a whole, needs these barriers in order to maintain the cohesiveness.

But when do these barriers become destructive to a society? Simple: when hatred and fear is born. The hatred can sometimes lead to acts of violence against the so-called outside philosophical issues and/or beliefs. These acts of violence can be prejudice or destructive as elimination of an entire philosophical practice or belief. And as we progress into the 21st century, we find that more hatred and fear is continually born.

We also learn that certain other beliefs are considered taboo by society. What these taboos are consisted of differ from culture to culture. In today’s world, multi-cultural backgrounds are becoming more prevalent. So our perceptions of taboo have become clouded to the point of not knowing which is right or wrong. This has monumental effects for today’s society. Even now, more sub-societies are being formed within the already existing sub-societies. And so more barriers are being erected. And so the cycle continues.

At some point of this continual evolution, we reach a boiling point. When the hatred, mistrust and violence evolve to proportions never considered by mankind. What society needs to evolve to is individuality. Individuality within your thought processes can make a major impact. Not individuality as being a Supreme Being or belief that any wrong can be done. But rather individuality to create a persona that radiates humanity. And by achieving this persona, society will surely accept this to be a beneficial philosophy.

Society has learned through regressive thinking to accept what is and not what they wanted to achieve. Whatever the humanitarian persona created, they cannot cast a embracing hold onto the whole of society. What I am discussing with you is small. And by small I am referring to individuality. Individuality is what makes us unique. But if you have lost that individuality then you are no longer unique within the Sea of Reality. Is this not what we all strive for? To be unique to the point of respect and acceptance? And we all share the same dream. Any one person wants to be recognized and accepted. But this thought pattern does not always fit within the walls of the boundaries society has created. This is why your individuality far outweighs the following of thousands. For with the following of thousands comes the reaction from society. And then once again you have lost your individuality. The continual cycle...

It is my opinion that our depressive thoughts and actions have derived from the barriers we have placed within society. I am not debating the fact that certain Mental issues do exist but merely that our perception of depression is somewhat clouded. While it is a medically proven fact that our bodies change during our lifespan, it has not been proven that our changes can be dictated by our surroundings. I may be wrong about the studies, but I have yet to discuss with someone a known study to substantiate this opinion.

Is it our responsibility to lay the foundations for our youths to grow upon? Yes. But how do we build that foundation if we cannot determine our own individuality? It does not take millions of dollars to lay the proper foundation. Nor does it take poverty to create the proper foundation. What it takes is Love. Simple isn't it? But yet it is the hardest thing we as a society have to give. People have lost track of what love is all about. Now I know everyone has a different viewpoint in it's definition. But if you spend your life thinking of the proper definition, have you achieved love?

Caring, compassion, sharing and good Samaritan traits are what makes the love I am describing. If you show a child understanding and "love", then they will learn by example to pass along to the next generation. But if you conceal this aspect, how do they know what "love" really is? This is where society steps in and causes our reactions. I am always reminded of the statement: “It takes a village to raise a child”. Our society, as a whole, has lost this concept. We have become to involved with our daily lives and to busy to help those in need. And society has also been taught not to trust anyone. So much hate, mistrust, and single-minded thought patterns have clouded our judgement.

When was the last time you carried groceries for someone who was struggling? Or the last time you showed compassion to a confused child? All it takes is a minute to make a difference. Some have devoted their entire lives to helping others. This generosity is commendable but this cannot work for everyone. One minute…the time it takes to take a drink, read your mail, or watch the auto accident. But how long would it take to give a drink to someone, get their mail, or ask the person in the accident if they need help? One minute is the amount of time. Walk into a nursing home, hospital or doctors office and just walk up to someone and say hello...Spend a minute and talk. Watch the reactions transform before your eyes. Let them know that someone does care. Someone has the minute to spend with them. Who knows, maybe that’s all they wanted was a caring soul to give them the time. Can your actions influence others? Yes. What about that child that needs a smile and someone to show them kindness? The child who may be struggling with a situation or task? Take the time to show them the correct way.

And at that point YOU have made a difference. At that point, you have turned on your light and engulfed everything around you. And for this you will feel compelled to carry on generating this light. Darkness dictates our perception of our surroundings. But light dictates the darkness.

A person spends two thirds of their lives in an automobile. How much of your life have you given to show your "love"?

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