Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Blahs

Here's a great cartoon for those of us tired of snow. Yep...feeling that way myself. We also are battling sickness here at Dazd Central. The missus has brohncitis(sp) and I'm not convinced its not pnuemonia(sp). She's on antibiotics and all but I'm thinking she's going back to the doctor Wednesday, hog-tied if necessary.

I'm feeling rather sickly myself. Its a cold starting to work but I'm fearful its gonna be the flu or even more. I did have my flu shot this year and its been guarding me well. After a heart attack, pnuemonia(sp) and the flu they say you should avoid like the plague.

And why all the (sp) today? I'm too lazy to spell check today. And besides, I finished reading the self help guide to phonics; Huked on Foniks Werkd fer Mi.

And one thing that irks me today...what the fluck is wrong with these people?

Calvin and Hobbes”Garfield”


Editor said...

I do like Calvin and Hobbes! I get accused of being the little boy that won't grow up all the time.
Thanks for reading my site, hope I can send something your way soon.

Ordinary Janet said...

I love, love, love Calvin and Hobbes! I wish Bill Watterson would do a daily strip again. I'd settle for a full-color Sunday funny.

James Brown and now Anna Nicole. God, I'm glad I'm not famous or rich, my relatives will probably cremate me within 24 hours of my death, and throw my ashes in the river.