Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Slow Wednesday

Today has started off rather oddly. Yesterday we enjoyed waking too a temperature of 35 and maintaining a temperature of 48 the remainder of the day. Monday was a delightful surprise with temperatures reaching 55. And to think just a week ago we were experiencing 8-12 inches of snow, blizzard warnings and temps barely breaking mid teens during the day.

This morning...22 degrees. That's right...22 degrees. All the snow that melted? Ice...solid ice. I honestly believe I deserved at least a Silver Medal for my performance this morning. I'm sure the point deductions were from sliding into the car while attempting a flying sit spin and death drop. A camel spin would've added points but I can't get my leg that high. I heard snickering from the dog and my son. Those two will eventually fall asleep and thats when....well, nevermind.

So as I'm driving my son to school, we hear that there's "freezing fog" in our area. Freezing fog...thats what I said. You know, ever since I was about 10 I've always had an interest in meteorology. And I'm almost positive I've heard all the layman's terms. But freezing fog...thats a new one. Freezing fog: a fog of supercooled water droplets, freezing on impact with any solid surface. Why not call it freezing mist? Freezing drizzle?

So as I'm driving to work my mind starts to wake up. Freezing Fog...airborn icebergs. OMG! Everyone Panic!!!1!!1 Huge iceberg warnings are now in effect for Central Indiana. Drive with extreme caution and try to avoid low laying areas. Please contact emergency officials in the event you spot one. Do not attempt to chase it and remain clear of its path...

Then I remembered it really does happen. Go see for yourself.

OMG! Everyone Panic!!!1!!1


dragonlady474 said...

lol...the Titanic has nothing on you! BTW, I've never head the term "freezing fog" before either.

Scottsdale Girl said...

Please don't make me start calling you chicken little.

Says the girl from Sunny and Warm Arizona.

cmk said...

Yeah, we've had freezing fog before. But, then, we are also the experts in 'lake-effect' snow--which is something a lot of people have never experienced! :)

Mrs. Who said...

When I was in the ANG in Reno, NV, we experienced 'pognip'. Being raised in the deep, deep South, I had no supervisor said it was 'frozen fog'...but I thought she might be pulling my leg.

Anonymous said...

for the past 3 days I've been trying to post comments on your site from my cell and now i see that even today's comment didn't post, even though it seemed to go through from my end. Sigh!

I'll just have to comment by email then.

but regarding FF its a weather phenomenon that happens in areas near large bodies of water.