Saturday, March 31, 2007

Caption Contest Winners

After judging all the comments and with advice from my talented assistant, we have chosen the winners!

Best Caption
First Place: "Mom was right, we should have gone to the laundromat to meet girls." dirk_star

Second Place:
Hey GuyK...
What Dazd????
Dazd:If we put on these caps on do you think we could read each others minds?
GuyK: Geez Dazd I don't know.We could give it a try.
Dazd: Okay...Great
GuyK: Your wanting to know where you can buy a long sleeve tye dye shirt like mine? Dazd: Holy cow GuyK you guessed what I was thinking. So GuyK where did ya get the shirt? Becky

Third Place: Do these virtual reality helmets make us look fat? Hammer

Thanks to everyone that participated. I'll try and get another one posted Monday.


Dirk_Star said...

I would just like to thank all of the little bloggers who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this possible.

"Look, ma top of the world!"

HoosierGirl5 said...

Those are good ones! You just have to wonder, what were they having done to their hair? Surely not perms!!! Yikes!

Hammer said...

Funny stuff! Thanks for the bronze :)

I added you to my links again, I think I forgot to hit save last time. Cheers!