Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Folks, in my enthusiastic search for blogging material, I've stumbled across something horrific.

Be forewarned, the following link contains offensive images and language.

Do not read this if you're paranoid. Seriously...

If you were adventurous enough to read this article, I'd like to hear your comments.


cmk said...

That definitely got my heart pumping--and not in a good way. Is it just human nature to screw up EVERYTHING that comes along, like the internet/blogging, etc? This is just one more example of why I am very happy to be an anonymous nobody--I just don't know if I could handle fame of any degree. It is just so sad--and it probably will get worse. (Sorry for showing my pessimistic side!)

Scottsdale Girl said...

Right now I can't decide if these people are really horrible trolls or seriously scary.

I suppose it is better to be safe than sorry as far as public speaking in this instance but to let a bunch of MoROns decide if I would continue WRITING? no way.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

I agree with you scottsdale girl. I would never let those morons chase me off. And I certainly wouldn't let them make me a prisoner in my own home.

BobG said...

Sounds like a bunch of vicious kids with a twisted sense of humor. I think they are more disgusting than scary, though. What they are is bullies hiding behind anonymity.
If you ever confronted one of them in person, they would probably wet their pants.

Anonymous said...

Ironically enough I was going to blog about this. When I used to do political blogging in my former incarnation at blogspot, I started becoming very popular.

Of course that meant I was unpopular with some. I was threatened in my comments. At first I ignored them, then as they escalated I banned them. Well, they got so angry they managed to hijack my site when I left a guest blogger in charge. It took months for blogger to finally give me my site back, but by then I had established a new home at munu.

The scary thing is, that it's so easy for people to get information on someone else these day. So I decided it was better to protect me and my family and just not blog politics. It's just not worth it!