Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Night Serenade

Friday evening folks and I'm flipping through my songs. Oh such a collection for almost any mood. Yet I still have troubles tonight finding that perfect mix. I listened to some blues and jazz earlier, Hard Rock/Metal, Pop Rock, Country/Bluegrass, classical...nothing seemed to soothe my soul. I've struggled all week and Friday's are nights to relax. Sitting here with a crown and coke watching the world scroll by ever so gently. Relinquishing all my senses to my surroundings, thinking of days gone by and yearning to immerse myself deep within my memories. Memories of good and the bad, the mediocre and of missing relatives and friends. Wondering if and when all these memories will fade. Missing friends of old while cherishing friends of new. They all have similarities and differences but they all share one common point. They have been apart of my life and now apart of my memories.

I have found my mood and although it seems to be a depressing one on paper, its actually quite theraputic as I recall those memories. I sometimes get so wrapped in the present I fail to remember the past. Is the past not what made us who we are? Of course during that past moment, the present, we have a vague understanding of how we will develop based upon our past. And when we finally realize that its our past that molded us, we look to the future. The future of who we are, who our children will be and how we will survive all the trials and tribulations of life. And we try oh so hard to relive our past through our children we sometimes lose focus of the importance surrounding our teachings. How will our child when they become an adult reflect back on their past? Will they have the same fond memories and spend an evening sipping a crown and coke debating the importance of all that surrounds us? Or will they simply follow blindly along never understanding how their destiny has already been molded.

Music I have found to soothe my soul....below the fold, my dear readers.

And after listening to the exquisite sounds of the Eagles, I shall slip into some Kansas and then into the depths of Pink Floyd. For this night I shall be soothed by such masterful harmonics and euphonic sounds that feeling comfortably numb may not portray the feeling adequately.


Mrs. Who said...

Mmmm....Crown & coke....The Eagles...I've found my Friday relaxation technique, too. Thanks!

Jerry said...

Great songs. Yet I'm surprised that Glenn Frey took over lead vocals on "Take It To The Limit". That one was originally sung by Randy Meisner (who wasn't invited on the reunion tour).

Anonymous said...

my therapeutic technique to ease me into the weekend is to volunteer from 5:30 to 6:30 at my son's afterschool program.

It's always great fun teaching chess and playing board games with the kids.


Lemon Stand said...

There's just something about the Eagles whether it's a friday or monday and whether it's crown and coke or a cup of coffee! Thanks for the tunes!