Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Rant

Ok...I had this nice post written and tried posting it. Guess what? This new Google login is flucked up. God forbid you have more then one gmail/google account and login on another tab while in Blogger. Why? Because when you go to post, it only recognizes your LAST login. And what happens when you click back to try and copy your work? It's flucking gone!!!!!!!!!!

Google...nice idea but fix the gotdamn bugs on this crap. It's irritating...go to login a gmail account and UT OH, it opens the one assigned to Blogger since I opened Blogger last. So that means ANYONE at home or work can access my EMAIL without a flucking password!!!

In other blood pressure is up. lol

Check back later for a Friday Night Boogie post! You music lovers get your dancing shoes. That is unless it gets LOST LIKE THE LAST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

**kicks the trash can while leaving the room.....


Hammer said...

Yep I logged in to my old blooger to do a couple of things and had a helluva time getting back to my regular one. It was just a tiny button at the top of the page that anyone could have missed.

Try finding a way to contact support for blogger. It is a challenge.

Teresa said...

I guess that is why it is free. It only works part of the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, settle down and relax, we need you to be healthy so that you can entertain us.



Honeysuckle Rose said...

You already know how I feel about blogger LOL

Keep kicking that trashcan! It will at least make you feel better ....