Thursday, March 08, 2007

Music Galore

If you love music, you have to check this out! You won't be disappointed.

Music Jukebox

H/T to Cindi

Now I have tunes at work!


Anonymous said...

I wasn't. In fact I listened to it for part of the day and once again forgot to come back to say thank you. I must have ADD.


oh, and Thank You!

Dazd said...

LOL You came back so that annexes the ADD.

Your welcome...I'm stuck on 1979!

Cindi said...

I've been stuck on 1968. I was only 10 yrs old that year. That song by the Four Tops...Reach Out I'll be there..."perfect driving in your car with the windows open and the speakers cranked up" music.

Robin said...

Verrrrry cool. Thank you!

~A Lurker

Dazd said...


Cool things bring out the lurkers!
Glad you liked it Robin.