Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ramblings of the Bewildered

If you want to wish someone congrats on 10,000 hits, you might wanna go give Freddie some cheers. Not only is there a cute frog in her header pic, there's some good reading there too. And the 10,000 person is a complete mystery...

Anyone switched to Windows Vista yet? hmmmm? (crickets chirping)
I haven't but they just bought a new computer here at work and it's got Vista. Oh yea...the volunteered IT guy? Ummm, that would be me sir. ugh Any site references or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. (This content is unsecure. Allow or Disallow?) lol

Lets military link for me. I may appear Dazd and Confzd but I eventually catch onto these sorta things. Operation Iraqi Freedom

Wow..3 posts in one day? shhhh Those first two took me the last two weeks to put together. Pretty weak huh?

Wanna read something that chaps my...go read here about MSM spinning things.

Demon cat is being evicted. He started marking inside the house this week. So he'll either find a good home or be an outside cat permanently. That is after he gets his you-know-whats snipped. (Which had been scheduled for the last week to happen next week) So him getting snipped will stop the marking? Yes? No? Maybe?

Sinus infection is starting to get better. Still have a headache but feeling better overall.


cmk said...

Some cats quit spraying, others don't--I guess it is just luck which yours is! :)

Ahh, Vista. I can't wait to try it, but won't upgrade (probably) till my next computer. I like to wait till Service Pack 1 comes out--at least. (Although, I did read that they will NOT be doing service packs with Vista--they will just continue the updates!?!?!?) Anyway, the first place I try to look for any tips are the computer mags: PC Magazine, PC World, and Maximum PC. (They all are online.) might also be a place to go for any answers. Also, there is Hope this helps a little.

Ordinary Janet said...

I'm sticking with XP until I need a new computer. Hopefully by that time the rest of you will have figured it out and I can get help. I might get a Mac next, the commercials are starting to sway me to the dark side.

ouch, sinus infection. My sympathies. Got any good pills for that?