Friday, April 20, 2007

Caption Contest Winners

And this weeks Caption Contest Winners are:

First Place: After all the kneading in the world failed to make the PBD rise, the Happy Homemaker decided to show him what happens when she doesn't get to butter his bread. Undomestic Goddess No Link...hope she returns.

Second Place: Don Imus as his alter ego PDB looks on and laughs yeah I got you nappy headed ho's while his wife pokes at the alter egos of Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton and their followers. Becky

Third Place: Because of racial upheaval, Pillsbury has decided to target it's goodies to black folks! Edited to add , Whitey looks on in shock. Tony

And of course Honorable Mention: The Pillsbury Dough Boy opens his own Tanning Salon. From the oven, Daisy Dough Girl realizes somethings not right. Dazd

Thanks for all those that participated. Look Monday for a new contest!

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