Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Rambling

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. The weather was perfect here in Indiana. 80's with sunshine both days and only a spattering of rain. I got a list of things accomplished this weekend. Dazd Jr. and I attacked the yard and completed it today. We started yesterday and took our time. Folks...I don't care what the doc says, I'm not able to mow like I used too. I also got our haircuts and finally made it grocery shopping. I also finished and passed 4 online exams this weekend! Yay me!

And so my readers are aware, mostly for the newer ones, I had suffered a heart attack back September 2006. That's why I was worried when my BP was up. I'm on BP meds and thinners under a doctors supervision. Plus my cholesterol I'm taking Crestor, 2000 mg Omega 3 daily and watching my diet. Well...watching yes, thats my story for now. I've strayed here and there but not eating unhealthy like I had been pre-Septemeber 2006. Only thing I have added to my diet is trail mix. It's a I guess I'm gonna have to return to the gym.

I like the playlist I put together this weekend. I'm going to put a few more together. If you missed the original posting, go take a listen here.

If you are interested in listening to a Paramormal Radio Show visit here. Sunday's at 10 pm EST and Thursdays at 9 pm EST. I'm working on those links, for those of you that showed an interest. May just do them as a post for now. I'm working on getting tags added here soon. 300 some odd posts should be easy right? Right? Hello?!?!? So once I figure all that out, you'll be able to read all my posting by topic.

Ok...I'm outta here to fix dinner.


BobG said...

Those heart attacks hurt, don't they? I had one in May 2005 that sent me to the hospital, and sent me home with a stent. They have me on a bunch of pills, but some, like the Coreg, they have cut back on. I still need to get my weight down more. I don't have blood pressure problems, but I do have edema in my legs from the attack. Hope you are recovering well from the attack.

Lemon Stand said...

Ah, is that what I have to look forward to? As soon as I am allowed beyond the bathroom and bedroom I am starting mu exercises again.

There are too many things going on and to many things I still want to be a part of. They will have to take me kicking and screaming to the graveyard. I want my gravestone to read "Already?"

Teresa said...

The weather was perfect this weekend, huh? A great day for our little league baseball opener.