Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hello My Friend

Listen to the gentle rhythm of the rain
Reminds me of a dear friend
Never taking all in vain
Listen for the silent message it sends.

There is no better choice
For the truth in thy eyes
And wisdom in thy voice
Gives no reason to ever question why.

Always someone to count on
Especially in the time of need
Someone as gentle as a fawn
A true friend indeed.

You may not know of the inspiration
That you can give, or receive
Hope for tomorrow helps ease the sorrow
Now a reason to believe.

A fascinating stimulation of the mind
Hopelessly losing all track of time
Peace and comfort never hard to find
Words spoken beautifully as a wind chime.

The memories will be fond
For the future will always remember yester-year
Never feeling lost, always a special bond
A true friend is always near.

Copyright © 1987 Dazdnconfzd

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