Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Meme

Sabrina at Sabrina's Money Matters tagged me with a meme. This one was interesting so I decided to honor the tag.

List 5 reasons why you blog.

1. Adventure...I spent a few months lurking reading blogs before deciding to start my own. It looked challenging and fun at the same time. I'd also been accused of not being able to tell anything in 300 words or less. So what better way to prove them right then with my own blog.
2. I wanted some sort of record of my life. And looks like it has helped since whenever I get down and out, I re-read my posts after my heart attack. It helps bring reality back into my life and just exactly how lucky I am.
3. Finally a means to consolidate my friends, and new ones, into one common place. Whether they read this or not is not my choice, but rather a way for me to stop sending countless emails. Those that read this and know me in real life, can read between the lines and know exactly what I'm saying or thinking.
4. A place to unleash my love of humor, music, poetry and anything of worthwhile reading. I don't rant or rave too much about current affairs. And when I do, I try and spin humor into it all. If one person a day walks away smiling, then I've accomplished my goal.
5. And the last wife was getting sick and tired of my babbling and stupid jokes. She stated, "You better STFU or I'm going to duct tape your mouth FOREVER!." I think she meant it too because she was just as angry as the time I asked to have a 3-way with her and her mom. Well wait...she was actually angrier this time. I'M KIDDING!!! Maybe someday I'll show her this blog. She's been quizzing me why I stopped telling jokes and rambling on about everything.

Ok...I'm gonna tag whoever wants to play. Just leave a comment here so I know.

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sabrinasmoneymatters said...

Mission accomplished, you are hilarious, I knew I wouldn't regret tagging you! One day your wife will read this blog and give you a black eye! LMAO