Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Ramblings

Wow! What a weekend! Nevermind it was Mother's Day, my weekend which started Friday was chaotic. I spent the weekend participating in a training exercise involving the National Response Plan. While I am beyond exhausted, this was a valuable experience for me. And I camped out all weekend...although camp fires were not permitted. Can't figure out why either, with all those fire trucks around you'd think response time would be counted in nano seconds.

I also learned I'm not physically capable of performing certain requirements. Guess I need to spend more time at the gym. I was disappointed in myself at first, but 8 months ago I suffered a heart attack. I decided my progress is a milestone by its self. And I really need to exercise patience where my physical health is concerned. Mental Health has always been questionable, but to know me is to love me. lol

And yes I missed Mother's Day and all the festivities. But I did check with the missus and Mom before signing up for participation. If they would've requested my presence at home, I would have honored that request. However, I am thinking they enjoyed the day without me. I've heard talk of cake, flowers and overall enjoyment of the day. Kinda makes a son wonder how anyone can have a great time without his presence.

So tell me how you spent your Mother's Day or how you honored Mom.


Matthew M. F. Miller said...

We spent our Mother's Day in North Carolina drinking wine and arguing - in that good, family-jest sort of way.

And then, my mother-in-law told us she's still getting her period at age 54, which was quite a shock coming so closely on the heals of brunch.

BobG said...

I know what you mean about the heart attack; my last one was two years ago, and I am still trying to get all of my stamina back.

Terri said...

Spent the day with my kids, cleaning and doing yard work. Doesn't sound real fun, I know, but they graced me with a whole day of no bickering!

cmk said...

After talking to my girls--which was nice cause they don't always remember me on important days :)--I watched my Red Wings lose. NOT the way I wanted the day to end. :(

HoosierGirl5 said...

I spent the day with my kids AND my mom (and dad). The weather was great at this end of the state, and we were outside most of the day!
Sounds like your weekend was productive, but tiring! Sounds like my job, ha, ha!

tony said...

I drove across the state to hang with my mom. Ok, Ok...I played golf with my dad too...but spent a great deal of time with my best friend, my Mom.

k said...

I gave my mom a Virtual Flower: my Heart of Flame that I've been posting daily pix of.

Now it's hers.

I bet she was the only mom in the world who got a Heart of Flame flower for Mother's Day, virtual or no.

She loved it!

And I am happy.

Monica said...

My mom is still recuperating so I took care of her...but I also spent it with all three of my kids...and THAT WAS THE BEST.