Monday, May 21, 2007

Movie Meme

I've been tagged by Mrs. Who to play a movie meme. Pretty intersting one and I enjoyed recalling my favorites. Here are the rules:

Pick out ten favorite movies, then look them up at IMDb. In the overview at the top of each movie’s page, there are “Plot Keywords,” usually five of them. (Plus more, if you click the link.) Take the first five, and post them. Then the rest of us get to play movie buff and see if we can guess them.

And here are my movies. I'll highlight them in bold as the are correctly named.

1. Social Issues / Fight The System / Barbed Wire / Fence / Doctor Patient Relationship - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
2. Brave / Male Nudity / No Opening Credits / Crushed Head / Tragic Hero - Braveheart
3. No Opening Credits / Graphic Violence / U.S. Army / Landmine / War - Saving Private Ryan
4. Directed By Star / Film Noir / Native American / Rape / Murder - The Outlaw Josey Wales
5. Camping / Biologist / Alaska / Environmental / Nature - Never Cry Wolf
6. Sequel Mentioned During End Credits / Alternative History / Ancient Rome / Historical / Jesus Christ - History of the World, Part One
7. Airplane / Batting Cage / Bookstore / Ex Wife / Sex - When Harry Met Sally
8. Teen Movie / Female Nudity / Voyeur / Revenge / Sex - Porky's
9. Homoeroticism / Small Town / Machismo / Motorcycle / Nightclub - Roadhouse
10. Happy Ending / Old Man / Stroke / Dysfunctional Family / Alternative History - It's a Wonderful Life

And the 5 I'll tag are:
Hoosier Gal
Letters from NYC
Peri's Wrinkle
Terri Terri Quite Contrary

If these 5 have already participated, I apologize for being a lazy a$$ this morning and not looking through your posts.


RalphDooD comes in late in the 4th quarter and wins the game with a 3-point shot!
Thanks to all who played along. I'm still trying to answer a couple of others around the blogosphere.


Terri said...

Cool! I was just thinking how fun it would be to do this one, and then as I read the end, I saw that you tagged me. Thanks!

Chickie Carmarthen said...

3. Saving Private Ryan ?

These are hard...I notice a theme of nudity and sex though which is cool. Can't wait for your answers!

sue said...

It's Monday. I'm brain-dead.
1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

...all I've got.

Ordinary Janet said...

5. is that movie with Charles Martin Smith running naked with the wolves, or is it polar bears? I remember the movie, but not the title.

8. is it American Beauty?

10. I'm thinking Little Miss Sunshine, but the "alternative history" tag has me flummoxed.

No clue on the others, but I'd agree that #3 is Saving Private Ryan.

Dazd said...

On the right track with #5 Janet...

Terri said...

2. Braveheart
7. When Harry Met Sally
8. American Pie?????

Terri said...

8. Porky's!

Hammer said...

#6 History of the world part one

cmk said...

#5 is 'Cry Wolf.' An excellent movie.

Dazd said...

I'll give Janet and CMK credit for #5. Close enough for me...

The Sarcasticynic said...

I can't believe that number 8 pointed to only one movie.

HoosierGirl5 said...

This looks like fun! I'll do it!

Terri said...

Was Kevin Kline in #9?

Terri said...

My #10 - think, most stupid movie ever made, recently very popular and often mimicked. No plot that I can decipher.

Ralphd00d said...

4 - The Outlaw Josey Wales
9 - Roadhouse
10 - It's a wonderful Life

HoosierGirl5 said...

I just posted my list. That was fun!
Check it out!

Ordinary Janet said...

I remembered the title yesterday, without looking it up. Never Cry Wolf was a great movie!

Anonymous said...

Oh crap! I've just this minute spotted your tag. I'm gonna do this anyway, if I can think of 10 movies...I'm a total movie snob.