Friday, May 04, 2007

One More Post!

One more post before I wander off into the wilderness of Indiana.

I average 40 or so visitors a day but maybe 6 comments. Time for all you lurkers to comment...c'mon, you can do it.

Plus I'm close to 10,000 hits since July 2006. Maybe I'll hit the 10K by this time in two weeks, that is with help from all of you. know you want too. C'mon, you in the back row...yes a comment.

Delurking is now underway at Dazd Central!

Have a great weekend!


The Sarcasticynic said...

Voila! A comment!

Editor said...

wish you were going to be at the party this weekend, maybe you can make it down before the summer is out. thanks for linking me and you do run a great blog.

Ambulance Driver said...

Hey Daz'd, what does this rash look like to you?

I'm sorry, was that an overshare?

You asked for comments, Dude.

Kat said...

De-Lurking as requested! :) Hope your weekend was good. :)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Okay, here I am. Since you delurked on mine, I will do the same for you. It's not that I don't find your posts interesting, it's just that I'm usually so braindead I can't think of anything clever to type.

Happy Hoosier-ing!