Tuesday, May 22, 2007

An Unexpected Rambling

They say that bad things come in groups of three. And I believe this to some degree, just not to the degree that some people pay reverence. We all have our old wives tales and superstitious beliefs we hold true.

I think "bad things come in groups of three" to be a pessimistic tale. I prefer to be optimistic this week and start a new tale that "good things come in groups of three". Now who out there can't resist a set of triplet children all dressed in the same adorable outfit? Anyone?...you in da back there...WAKE UP!

Or how about three cute adorable ducklings waddling across the path? Or maybe $3,000,000 dollars you won playing the lottery? A buy 2 get 1 free sale? See...all these bring a smile to your face and it washes away whatever dark cloud the day brings. And no matter how hard we try we still try and look at the pessimistic aspect of life. It's human nature...

So today... sitting in my office close to quitting time... reading blogs... trying to watch my time so I didn't run past my glorious 8-5 time frame(cough)... I read three blogs simultaneously that not only brought a smile to my face but lifted my spirits. It was a random act of cruising my blogroll looking for sites to visit. No rhyme or reason why I read those particular three...fate maybe? And when I finished reading all thee blogs I spent the next 45 minutes driving home reflecting on what I'd read. And exactly how did these posts effect me? I'm not too sure except they fired up my thoughts. And then it dawned on me why my thoughts were running rampant. No no no...the drugs didn't wear off silly.

All three posts reflected my sentiments today. The inner voices were speaking today about events the past few weeks. Trying to bring a sense of order to chaos. I gave up long ago trying to determine the meaning of life. Life is what we make of it and our actions or inactions have a direct effect on the balance of the universe. And then you come across three posts that snap you back into reality and give you a sense of peace and closure. And it is that feeling that drives me to read blogs daily. To seek out new avenues of experience and knowledge that might otherwise not be readily available. Do I need to visit all of the blogs daily? Not really...don't take offense to this statement. Can any of you honestly say that you visit over 50 blogs daily while working and playing spouse and/or parent? I'd be lying if I said yes...but I make a valiant effort. Yes I have my daily haunts and then I have my weekly visits. But I visit because there is something about your writing, personality, style, charm, humor, reflections, etc...that strikes a chord within me.

The three posts I read today you ask? Oh I could be a tease and grumpily tell you to visit all the sites on my blogroll and figure it out for yourself, oh intelligent ones. But this post is about optimism not pessimism. And why should I horde all the great posts to myself? That's not who I am or what I'm about. I share what I find since we reap what we sow. I am optimism today...hear me roar! Something like that...


Go forth and read. Report back here with a detailed analysis of the writing styles and my psyche analysis of picks today. Ok...just kidding about that request.

Seriously..go forth and read!

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KeesKennis said...

I read all the blogs on my blogroll once a day mon-fri and maybe once on the weekend.
That is if I am connected, off course.