Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trivia Thursday

Folks...I can't get enough trivia out of my system. I must be addicted just like Meleah is to television. Although she claims she's a junkie, I don't consider myself there...yet. Yes...I said it. Yet. I'm getting close though, waking this morning I was a little shaky. I had chills and was starting to sweat. I think that's a good sign that one needs a fix. Nowadays they refer to it as "jonesing".

I think I can survive until Thursdays. It will be rough but I've been through worse. Thursdays you ask? But Dazd...Thursdays are the Thursday Take-out posts, you know the ones you so lovingly refer to as the "WTF is It" posts. Yes it is...but folks, I'm doing one better. Yes thats right! Thursdays will be a 2 for 1 day! Two great posts in one day! I know...I know...tough to believe but its true.

Meleah and I have joined forces to offer you, my dear readers, a Sitcom Trivia post every Thursday. That's right...every Thursday! Ok...there are only so many sitcoms, but I'm guessing we'll branch out into movie trivia as well. So if your a TV Junkie, you need to check out this weeks 80's TV Trivia post. And if your a TV Junkie period, check out the main page. And...yes there's more folks. If you want to read some fine writing, please visit Meleah's main blog.

So mark your calendars for Thursdays! And make sure to bookmark Melevision for inside thoughts and views of TV.


melevision said...

Dazd: ahhh to feed our addictions! yummy!

I am loving the 2 for Thursdays. I mean 2 for Tuesdays is OLD already!

I can not thank you enough for the hard work on your end and your excellent contribution to MeleVision.

meleah rebeccah said...

The trivia games are so fun!


Dazd said...

Your welcome and it's been a pleasure creating them. I'm already working on next weeks. lol