Saturday, September 15, 2007

Caption Contest Winner

First Place: Manatee Ugly
When would the killing stop? Mannie couldn't help his violent urges, but this time he might have to chew off a flipper to slip away. Sarcasm Abounds

Second Place: So much for Joni

Third Place: Maybe if I act like I'm dead he'll stop humping my leg. Becky


Sarcasm Abounds said...

Excellent! I'll add that to my resume, Thanks!


Jay Cam said...

darn! thats so funny..too bad i wasnt there for the contest!

Jay Cam said...

Care to trade links with my humor blog? My site is

If would like to trade, post my link, then comment or email me and I will post yours on my site as a permanent link. Send what you want to your link to be called and your link please.
I would appreciate the linkage, Thanks!

Lemon Stand said...

Thank you for the chuckle. (I just have to poke a little fun in Jay Cam's general direction... "You mean people are supposed to list the correct name of your blog?" I think I've seen mine four different ways so far. I always think it's funny how people perceive my blog name. (Guess I'm strange that way) Although I'm not sure if that says something about them or me?) :oP