Friday, September 21, 2007

Nostalgia Friday

Sitting around tonight enjoying a glass of wine. Surfing through YouTube and ran across a few classics. Nostalgia and fond memories are what keeps my soul alive. Here are a few of my all-time favorites. I hope you enjoy them and maybe, just maybe I'll get back in the habit of posting a Friday night DJ spot. I hope the person who inpires me to post these starts coming by again.

And this one...I don't care who you are...some point in your life you were stoned or drunk (or both) and tried singing along! Playing air guitar! Admit know you want to come clean! That's right...I see you sheepishly looking away!

Oh hell yes...I did the singing!

An AC/DC wouldn't be who they are today without Bon Scott. Rest in peace...


dragonlady474 said...

I play air guitar a lot better than I play the real guitar. lol
However, I can sing like a mofo. :)

cmk said...

While I have several of these on my MP3 player, can't have them all. Too many of them just SCREAM to be played at the highest volume your speakers can handle! :) Thanks for the music, Dazd.