Thursday, October 04, 2007

Trivia Thursday

Make sure you all go check the newest TV Trivia posted at Melevision: TV Junkie. I had fun pulling this together as it brought back fond memories. I think the saddest event was when Coach died. I could relate to Coach better than any other TV character. Norm was my favorite...his quick wit upon entering the bar left me in laughing fits at time. And Cliff...who could forget Cliff? He and I are kinda the same. I'm always told, "You know things most normal people don't". Although I will defend myself by stating I don't go overboard like Cliff does. Watching that show I fine tuned my sense of humor and have enjoyed it ever since.

And even if you don't know the answers, leave Meleah some comment love since she is celebrating a belated Delurking Day! Tell her Dazd sent you...


meleah said...

awww... steve! You are the best!

Jay said...

It was very sad when coach died.

I've been compared to Norm a few times too. In fact, when I lived in Missouri I would go with a lot of co-workers to a certain bar every Friday after work. When I walked in everybody would yell "NORM!".

BobG said...

[Woody] Hey Mr. Petersen, want a beer?
[Norm] Isn't it a little early, Woody?
[Woody] For a beer?
[Norm] No, for stupid questions. Give me a beer, Woody.