Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trivia Thursday

Go visit Melevision: TV Junkie and play this weeks trivia. This one is tough but if your a regular viewer this might be easy.

I've not had much free time to visit everyone's blog. I apologize...and I've not had time to post either. I still owe people memes, interviews and award recognitions.

There is something exciting brewing at Dazd Central. People are in place, location is determined and with a few more details solidified it will be announced. It has nothing common with blogging but has alot in common with communities. Stay tuned for a major announcement by Thanksgiving!

We now return you to the regularly scheduled program...


melevision said...

aww! yeay!

Im glad you used the graphic. I had to make that one last night. There weren't any good ones on the Internet. Im glad my logo made it to your page too!

Happy Trivia

(and you totally RULE for doing this with me)

Dazd said...

Fabulous graphic creation Meleah!

Dawn said...

geez... now I'm curious. Your thanksgiving is in November?

Dazd said...

Yes...Our Thanksgiving is the last part of November.