Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hello..this thing on?...

"Hello boys...I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!!"

Back from my mini-vacation and I feel great! Muscles ache and I caught a lil sniffles but I'm feeling great. I'm rejuvenated and have plenty of blogs floating around in my head. Now to just get them on here. LOL many blogs to read and catch-up on and so little time. I promise I'll get around to visiting you all in the next few days!

In the meantime....don't forget:

Dazed over the Holidays!

Fellow bloggers...

Mark your calendars...

Don't miss the event of the year...

Make sure your well prepared...

It only happens here for one day! That's right...for one day and one day only you can attend the Holiday meet-up.

Dazed over the Holidays!

When: December 22, 2007
Location: Indianapolis
Time: 12 noon until ?????
Who: Me of course!!! And Dragon!!! And many others yet to be named! Any and all are welcome!!!

Everyone is invited! I realize it's the Holidays but I'm excited about this. If all goes well, I'll try and schedule one for the summer.

We will be meeting at Gray's Cafeteria at 12 noon December 22, 2007 for lunch. From there...who knows but at least we have a starting point. Excellent choice Dragon!
Here is a map: Gray Brothers Cafeteria.
And here is the address:
Gray Brothers Cafeteria
555 S. Indiana St.
Mooresville, IN 46158

If you need directions, email me here and i will provide them to you. Let me know from what direction(town)you are coming from. Like I said...this is where we will start so if you have suggestions around Indy that'll be closer for some, email me or post a comment.

Join us for an afternoon of fun as Dragon takes Indiana by storm!!!


meleah rebeccah said...

YEAY! You are HOME!

Welcome back!


sue said...

Welcome back!... and it sounds like a great get-together. Too bad I can't be there. ;)