Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snowy Daydream

Snowy Daydream

So beautiful yet so concise
Always unique and never two alike
Free to travel with the wind
Finding one another in the end
Swirls of wind give them flight
Well into the day and through the night
Continually they fall from the heaven above
Gently floating as if on wings of a dove
Sunlight through the clouds at last
Radiant perceptions the sun has cast
Creating a wonderland from the barren and cold
A beautiful scene before my eyes does unfold
Millions have arrived covertly with the night
Seemingly nonchalant with their impending plight
The sun warms the surrounding air
Forthwith delivering destiny without a care
Memories of this morning will appease my fears
Wondrous joys the snow yields each year.

Copyright © 2006 Dazdnconfzd



Anonymous said...

Lovely poem!

meleah rebeccah said...



Jan said...

I really like this poem! That's happening here, now! :)

Dawn said...

What a beautiful poem! And here I was cursing the 25cm of snow we just got hit with! Now I feel bad :(

CALLIE said...

You need to get paid writing Hallmark Cards or something. Truly.


Dazd said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I'm feeling the writing starting to flow so hopefully more poems to come.

Callie - Your comment reminded me of the movie Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler.

"Hard to breathe, feels like floating,
so full of love, my heart's exploding.
Mouth is dry, hands are shaking, my heart is yours, for the taking. Acting weird, not myself,
dancing around, like the Keebler elf.
Finally time, for this poor shlub
To know how it feels, to fall in lub.

Meleah - You're way too kind, but thank you!

Dawn - Guilty about hating snow? lol

Proposterous - Thank you!

Jan - Thank you!