Monday, February 04, 2008

Caption It! Winners and New Caption

This was a tough one to choose. All the captions were outstanding.
First Place:
"For what we are about to receive...Lord help me..." BobG

Second Place:
Several ho ho-s later, Martha was ready to get it on. Amanda

Third Place:
"And Honey, after we practice the wrapping lotus flower, we can then try the hanging monkey from the ceiling beams you rigged!" Callie

Now to our new caption of the week!

Leave your captions in the comments. Winners will be announced next Monday.


Lee said...

Enlightening my a$$...I'm bored!

Amanda said...

I don't even have a caption for the new one lol...and yay for second!

Dawn said...

Oh kiss my karmic ass!

Anonymous said...

LoL those are all funny!

Dazd said...

nausea heartburn indigestion upset stomach diareah HEY! Pepto Bismol

Damn...I shouldn't have had the beans at the Mexican Palace!

Ooops...Ok, that ones gonna leave a skid mark.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Whenever I have trouble sleeping I just watch Hillary's latest speech. After about five minutes I can't keep my eyes open.

Editor said...

Oh God! Who would fart like that in front of the Dali Lama. Must of been that damn Dazd. Wheeew!