Monday, February 11, 2008

Caption It! Winners

First Place:
Oh God! Who would fart like that in front of the Dali Lama. Must of been that damn Dazd. Wheeew! Rex

Second Place:
Whenever I have trouble sleeping I just watch Hillary's latest speech. After about five minutes I can't keep my eyes open. MrsJ

Third Place:
Oh kiss my karmic ass! Dawn

This weeks Caption:

As always..leave you captions in the comments and winners will be announced Next Monday!


Dawn said...

"Peek-a-boo... I see you"
Thanks for 3rd place :)))

meleah rebeccah said...

the winners are hysterical.. I have no comment for the cat....ya'll can do much better than I ever will at "captions"

Words of the Weird said...

The kitty crack is MINE...all MINE!!!

Words of the Weird said...

What do you think? Is green my color?

Cappy said...

Pink kitties. It's just too cute!

Callie said...

"I know these are the leaves I saw her smoke! I know it!"

Amanda said...

"I'z gunna scarez you"

ablondeblogger said...

Amanda took mine! Okay, I'll try another version:

"Iz tiny and hidin' from youz."

ablondeblogger said...


"I wuz sew bad. I iz sawry."

Words of the Weird said...

OK, got another

"I've finally got my'll never find me again!"