Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In a State of Confusion Rant

Why have the amount of Indiana deaths by drowning after driving your vehicle into water increased within the last 6 months? WTF people!?!?! Are the fish and other aquatic animals creating an invisible energy field and inherently messing with your internal compass?

Anyone watch the show on Discovery about what happens to the planet if all the humans ceased to exist? WTF people!?!?! Why not make a documentary on how to prevent this type of catastrophe? If I'm dead why would I care about what happens to my dog?

How about that show on Animal Planet about Chimps...Chimp Garden of Eden or something. WTF people!?!?! While I find the whole organization to be doing a worthy cause and humane treatment of animals, what am I really learning? If the whole human race ceases to exist, well except me, I would be able to interact with chimps? Planet of the apes comes to mind...

Why is Martha Stewart still profiting from her prison bitch days? WTF people!?!?! Whats next...Scott Peterson gets his own fishing show?

And why oh why are we being told our country is in a mild recession? WTF people!?!?! Its looking more and more like a depression is looming on the horizon. And I don't trust my bank now cos they are fraudulent and out to rip me off!

Let me see if I understand this: The Federal Guvmint bails out the mortgage industry because they were out to make a buck at our expense based upon subprime lending? WTF people!?!?! Where the hell was the Federal Guvmint when I had to file bankruptcy because my employer a few years ago deciding their profit levels weren't adequate and 500 of us got laid off? I'll tell you exactly where they were...waiting like buzzards circling the dead wanting their tax monies from my 401k accounts I had to rob to keep my house. Thanks to that, I can retire at the age of 90 now.

Why aren't the politicians running for office discussing how they are gonna get gas prices down? WTF people!?!?! All I hear about is the war this and the war that. I am proud to be an American but sometimes I feel that HUAS is rampant! HUAS = Head Up Ass Syndrome

WTF people!?!?!


BobG said...

This could be the start of a weekly thing, the "WTF Wednesday" post.

Dawn said...

Damn good rant! I agree... how about a weekly "WTF Wednesday"?

allee said...

I feel your pain. I rant like this quite routinely, but mostly in my own head.

Joni said...

You're totally right.
I saw that doc you mentioned about what happened when the humans ceased to exist.I think they did it to scare us. Like this scenario is inevitable so go ahead and max all your credit cards NOW! LOL, but I'm only half kidding.
I've been trying to talk my husband into closing his 401K and we'll knock a hole in the wall and put in a safe like in the old days. He has Merrill Lynch and ya know they're in trouble. I've been seeing that on his quarterly statements for a while.
Did you know that at the moment our money exchange rate is lower than about anybody else's in the world? Like lower than countries we used to make fun of!
As far as gas, a guy who lives in town is from the Netherlands and his sister still lives there. He said just yesterday that their gas has always been $5 or more, BUT everything else stays the normal price so they don't think anything of it. What a concept, huh.
People who live here don't do their own research and they don't see the whole picture. Do not rely on the evening news for your info.