Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On Vacation

I will be taking an extended break from posting. Here are some parting thoughts that after writing, have left me somewhat depleted. I will still visit everyones blog and try to stay current with your posts.

Quality of life is my demand. I have no current projects or true life ambitions. The only ambition I have is to wake each day and proudly announce I am an American. And this demands, on an intellectual and spiritual level, that I fight hard for the things I believe in. Sometimes my peers voice and corroborate my beliefs which assists to fortify my conviction. This is merely my spoken manifesto of how I live my daily life. I put my heart and soul into being the best that I can be, I am satisfied at the end of every day that I've accomplished a goal and proven to myself I am an asset. I'm not all about myself, I'm for my family, my neighborhood, this country, mankind and the good mother earth. You've got people from every imaginable walk of life here in the United States, and they all live like I live, in variations thereof.

But being an American includes a craving and drive to be the best. To sit at the dining room table with other proud hard working Americans. People with massive amounts of work ethic and who want to do the right thing. We don't ask for anyone to give us crap, but rather demand of those who dispute our way of life to produce to their maximum capability. It's time to repel those that wish to live here in America without contributing to society. It's time to repel those that wish nothing but civil disobedience and wishing to hide behind the curtain of "its not my fault or responsibility". Why are we shielding those that cause our very future as a free America to become so clouded with rhetoric and lies we can't tell the tail from the head? Why are we idling sitting by and writhing in pain but we don't seek any alleviation? It's time to shine the spotlight on the pride in America while also spotlighting the bad and the ugly, so that those that care about our American way of life can continue living that dream by eliminating those that thrive on the bad and ugly. Get out and vote!

I would literally alter my pursuit of happiness if I saw that it compromised yours. But what I can't compromise or alter is that I'm an American first, above everyone else, and that my country comes first, above all.

The very concept of a bailout, as a rule, is to encourage irresponsible behavior because someone is there to bail you out. I'm no economist, but I'm now cognizant of my income and I'm now cognizant of my expenses. I only purchase a home and a vehicle with credit. I lived the nightmare of using a credit card to the degree that I can't pay it off the minute it became due. I've been in that nightmare and I can't even wish this scenario upon my worst enemy. Get out and vote!

So when I see the politicians of the world literally rewarding irresponsible and deadly behavior, I cringe every time I receive a paycheck with taxes taken out. It's not the Democrats fault. It's not the Republicans fault. It's our fault for allowing BOTH parties to succumb to greed. Our political system, both Republican and Democrat, have handed out welfare checks to those companies that sought to bleed us working Americans for every pennies worth through penalties of late payments, mortgage schemes and fraudulent salesmanship. Just because the "law doesn't say its unlawful" doesn't make it morally correct. And our very Government is entertaining the thought of bailing out foreign companies. This deadly game of political maneuvering during a Presidential election is the costliest in history. The open-ended authority to write bailout checks in irresponsible and giving away our hard earned money. Don't think its open-ended? Read here. Obviously you've not read my blog recently.

The biggest curse is Americans who know better and do nothing about it. It's the apathy that is strangling this great country. Get out and vote!

Don't vote on emotions. Vote on facts! I don't care if your Republican. I don't care if you're Democrat. I don't care if you're Independent. I don't care who you're voting for and all the facts that go with the decision. I don't need to hear all the rhetoric, lies, misinformation and any other form of why I'm wrong. I am a person with intelligence, maybe not genius levels, but intelligence nonetheless. Either you're with me or against me. Yes...I've laid down the gauntlet and challenge each and every American citizen who reads this post.

Either you're an American or you're not.

To those Americans that try and challenge my American status by reading more into this post or because I didn't side with a politcal party of your liking and simply cannot read the simple statement of "Proud to be an American", I simply respond: Fuck you.

Remember, quality of life is certainly my modus operandi. Get out an vote!


meleah rebeccah said...

I fully understand and appreciate your reasons for stepping back from blogging.

But you will be missed by me...a great deal.

Jan said...

Dazd..to say that I understand, perfectly, where you're coming from would be an understatement.

See you when you get badk..don't be a stranger! :)

Jessica said...

Amen, brother! I hear you and I feel the same way. Have a nice break from blogging. You will be missed.

Dawn said...

Very powerful post. Corruption exists in all governments.
I am Canadian but the same rules apply... Don't vote on emotions. Vote on facts.

meleah rebeccah said...

I know you are not blogging but dd you vote today?

Anonymous said...

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