Monday, October 20, 2008

Work in Progress

Not much going on here at Dazd Central. My premiere show at RadioNC Online went relatively well considering it wasn't decided until that morning to air. So I've been burning brain cells forging new material and solidifying the format. Rock and roll is where its at baby! A Seriously Weird news segment from Shelly Ryan and feeble attempts at humor by yours truly. So tune in damnit!

Something that just popped into my head a couple of weeks ago. Still working on it and not sure where its going. But here ya go...

a man when I walked into the world
home is where inside I ran
taught myself to be a man
head held high where I stand

If I died tomorrow
wouldn't be a funeral
Not that they don't love me
but that they don't know me

I feel alone just lonely on life's path
all by myself, no one to lead me
wish I could see someone walking the road
just to be sure I'm not alone

walking through life
no one knowing who I am
forced to walk a lonely path
denying the world who I am

I fear being alone
loving and trusting someone
enough to let them in
open myself risking pain
walking the lonely path again

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meleah rebeccah said...

did YOU write that? I think its fantastic...

Dazd said...

Yes I wrote that...not finished though. I feel there's more to add or edit.

Thanks for the compliment. :)

Amanda said...

takes a man to open up! i like it
ps- hi!!

Dazd said...

Well hello there stranger! Thanks for the compliment!